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Jun 25, 2015 6:42 PM ET

ACT-cess OZ MusicCommunityDatabase: an ALL Australian music community focus that includes individuals, bands, groups and industry

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 25, 2015

ACT-cess OZ MusicCommunityDatabase

The story of the project

Karen King and Andrew Cooper have had 40 years’ experience in a variety of fields in the music community and booked about 8000 acts between them, so you can imagine how many times they have found contact details hard to find, missing or not current. From this, ACT-cess was created.
With it unleashed a whole can of worms. ACT-cess has organized the worms to help keep the music community fertile : )
Karen King and Andrew Cooper, ACT-cess Coordinators.

ACT-cess has an ALL Australian music community focus that includes individuals, bands, groups and industry. It will be an  easy to use service that will benefit  communication, connectivity, awareness, accessibility, networking and in some cases, act autonomy in the music community.

We have listened to many people in the music community and have identified the need for an up to date all Australian music community database. The functionality of ACT-cess will save time and alleviate stress. It will help the whole music community from the ground up. We are doing this because it will help the most people possible. And we can. (some testimonials from around Australia further below)

– You can develop your own database, and as the central hub, ACT-cess will keep your database current.
– You can be found on ACT-cess and your individual/band and/or industry profiles are loaded up free.
– For communication to be sent and received, the sender and the receiver need to have them as a consented contact or collection of people (e.g. guitarists, specific genre, type of industry or company). This will eliminate spam and allow targeted communication.
– There is no need to build another site. Acts can add their own preferred links to music and videos so their time building a fan base isn’t duplicated. ACT-cess can direct people to where you want them to go..
– Your contact information can be yourself (if you are self-managed),or your agent, parent, manager etc.
– A notice board will feature a number of different music community related topics and you can be alerted to notifications on request.

Paid memberships can receive consented contacts from the site, use the notice board and full functionality of the website.
Free memberships cannot receive other act’s contact details but they can have their details available to people and use the site’s search options.

All memberships pledged through Pozible receive a life time of annual half price memberships at the “ACT-cess Pioneer” rate. The availability of this half price annual rate for a lifetime is limited in time and quantity. (See rewards).

The 3 stages of ACT-cess
1. “ACT” (Complete) Research, plan, set foundations, source technical solutions. Commit 100% to the project.
2. “ACT-cess” (Current). Welcome people to receive great rewards from choosing their early bird pledge through Pozible to build the ACT-cess website.
3. “ACT-ivate” (following the Pozible campaign) launch (October this year).

ACT-cess needs your support with stage 2. The building of the website to incorporate all the functionality is approximately $17,000. (Please see quote at… ACT-cess has acts who will be testing the site prior to its launch. After the website is built ACT-cess will be self-sustainable through its memberships.

ACT-cess has partnered with:
– Karmabunny for the technical solutions and website construction.
Darren Coulter, Project Manager and Director Karmabunny.

– Resident Adviser as worldwide media partner and has 75,000 acts on their database.

HERE’S WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE SAID. (from a variety of people in the music community from all states and territories).

“ACT-cess will allow me to reach more acts, and provide more opportunities for live performances. I can build my own act data base with ACT-cess, knowing that it will be continually updated.” Gregory Nusinovitsch, Managing Director, Valve Bar and Venue 871 George Street, Sydney, NSW.
Greg and Andrew, Valve Bar and Venue.

“Looks like a very impressive resource. We can also put a link to ACT-cess on our site.”Lisa Bishop, General Manager, Music SA, Adelaide, SA.
Lisa Bishop, MusicSA
Lisa Bishop, MusicSA

“ACT-cess . . . . will be a fantastic tool for artists’ networking endeavors.” Luke Rinaldi, Director Sweet Mate Music, Band Manager, Booking Agent, Tour Coordinator, Perth, WA.
Spencer, Sweet Mate Music Office Dog.

“Andrew and Karen are well equipped to manage this undertaking and I have total belief in their ability to create avenues to help more artists engage in their art and bring it to our communities.”
Mijo Biscan, Singer Songwriter, Director, Creativity Mindset Mastery, Melbourne.

“The idea of creating a national database / user interface driven by the music community, that can be accessed on different levels is both unique and smart” Neville Clarke, Director Disk-Edits, Hindmarsh, SA.
Neville Clark, has mastered acts ranging from The ARIA winning Hill Top Hoods, to the hobby home musician.

“There is plenty of scope for the sector to have better information channels”
Gavin Findlay, President MusicACT, Canberra, ACT.

“There are very few people who have worked with thousands of bands and for as long as Karen and Andrew and yet managed to keep their enthusiasm, remarkable in fact.”
Harlin, Jarryd, Seb, Pete and Tom, Crossing Red Lines (The Band) Sydney. NSW.

“The availability of information within the performing arts sector is fragmented . . . . . ACT-cess will be Australia’s first dedicated Music Community Data Base.” Barry Shipplock MAICD FSAE BBus Urban Wildlife Photography, Fortitude Valley, QLD.
Barry with Billie, also does volunteer work for the less fortunate.

“ACT-cess connects all the dots for a central communication hub . . . . commitment and innovativeness” Dino Jag Lavista, Artist, House of WoW Publishing and Music Industry Practitioner, Adelaide, SA.
Dino Jag Live, & Music Director of Square Peg The Stage Play.

“In my opinion this web portal has the potential to strengthen the grass roots section of the contemporary music industry within Australia by providing an online community music environment.” Jack Tinapple The NEO (Band) and Director of Powerfunk Records, Larrakeyah, NT.
Some say “Jack” of all trades.

“Finding an innovative and well researched tool that really aids the live music community is very refreshing, and I feel ACT-cess is right on the money with this.” Bruce Fogarty, FOG Productions, WORX Studios & Rehearsal Rooms. Brisbane, QLD.
Bruce and Julia

“Oh man – writing a passionate testimonial for Andrew and Karen’s work in the Oz music scene is like shooting fish in a barrel!
Anything they touch to do with music is bound to turn to gold, purely as a result of the time, money and passion they’ve invested into the live music scene around the country over the past decade or so.”

Nick Reeve, Hammerhead (band) Singer Songwriter, Launceston, TAS. (Also new Dad).

“The ACT-cess Database seems to me like the perfect extension to the outstanding work the duo have been doing for years.”
Ulus Fuat, Youth Development Officer, City of Mitcham, SA.

How the funds will be used

The first $10,000 raised from the Pozible campaign will go towards the cost of the building of the ACT-cess website.
Further funds raised will be directed to expand our resources to manage with the growth of the database.

Karmabunny have quoted $16445 for the website to be built, tested and launched live. (There have been a couple of minor adjustments and improvements since the quote).

Some of my other work

Karmabunny (who will be building the ACT-cess website) have launched over 1000 digital projects. Many of them have been extremely large and complex including Clipsal 500, Coopers Brewery, University of South Australia and are listed and can be seen at The 9 staff led by Darren Coulter are all music and art lovers. Karen and Andrew’s relationship with Karmabunny has been most successful and longstanding as they work together to build and grow the Scorcher Fest website.

Karen & Andrew have booked and event managed over 70 Scorcher Fests nationally ( see ) Artists have been integral in their research, providing the most common needs for musicians.

Kraill playing Perth Scorcher Fest Kraill playing Perth Scorcher Fest at the Rosemount, Perth.

Karen & Andrew are Pozible ambassadors following a successful campaign for their first ever stage play with live music. Square Peg. This featured 90% Australian music, mostly unsigned.

Karen has previously managed projects for the Commonwealth Government Indigenous Education Department and now works full time in the music industry, coordinating music festivals and youth events. Karen also plays piano. (sometimes).

Andrew has previously lectured music business at Salisbury TAFE, coordinated the SA branch of the Music Managers Forum, managed RifFind Music record and publishing company, booked bands for 7 venues, event managed music festivals and youth events. Andrew is also a lyricist and had over 25 songs recorded with various acts.


The main challenge for ACT-cess will be growing as the community grows, and keeping up to date with changes to contact details. Karen and Andrew are committed to making sure this happens. They see it as a privileged to “share the love” with the music community to keep it vibrant.

Radio Adelaide Podcast – Interview with Matt Vecchio, announcer, song writer, band member Pink Noise Generator, sound engineer, booking agent, computer programing student. (Approx 12mins)

Contact Information:

Andrew Cooper
Karen King

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