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Jun 24, 2015 7:40 AM ET

Archived: Hank the Beer Tank: Portable Kegerator = Draft Beer Anywhere: With Hank you will enjoy draft beer while tailgating, boating, camping, barbecuing AND from the comfort of home!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 24, 2015

Hank the Beer Tank: Portable Kegerator = Draft Beer Anywhere

Hank the Beer Tank is a fully portable kegerator. Enjoy fresh draft beer wherever you go. Plug Hank in and pull draft beer in the comfort of your own home.

 Don’t just take our word for it. See what others are saying about Hank.

Supercompressor: “Hank was made to be mobile, and its creators had just about every type of on-the-go party in mind throughout the design process.”

CNBC: “Hank was built to solve a problem that beer drinkers often face: how to keep freshly tapped beer cold and pressurized, both while at home and on the go at festivals, camping, the beach, tailgating and on the boat.”

Uncrate: “Forget cans in a cooler — take the freshest beer possible with you this summer with Hank The Beer Tank.”

Cool Material: “Hank the Beer Tank is ready to change your tailgates and barbecues forever.”

 You can enjoy fresh draft beer at tailgates, festivals, bbq’s, breweries, on the boat, on an RV, among other great locations. We would like to test him on a private jet. Let us know if we can join you on yours. 

Sebastian and Adam with Hank 1.0. Early #demodays
Sebastian and Adam with Hank 1.0. Early #demodays

Sebastian and Adam met years ago in Washington, DC playing on the same recreational soccer team. They quickly became best friends enjoying brewing beer, sports, music, traveling, and talking and drinking all things craft beer.

Adam is a mechanical engineer and serial inventor with a decade of experience in draft beer equipment. Sebastian is the outreach guru, who has market tested Hank the Beer Tank up and down the East Coast. 

Our number one priority is to get you your Hank in the timeframe that we have outlined. We have been approached by large retailers and have made clear to them that we will not discuss any retail distribution agreement until we have every last Hank distributed to our backers.

In order to mitigate risk as much as possible, we established solid working relationships and firm commitments from all of the suppliers across our supply chain.

We have retained control of our assembly process by crafting the machine in the U.S. significantly reducing the manufacturing risks associated with working with an overseas manufacturer. We have identified and priced out the tooling and fabrication equipment we will need to execute assembly and have already interviewed skilled craftsmen who will come on board as soon as we receive our first shipment of components.

With all that said manufacturing is inherently risky. There are risks out of our control that could lead to delays, which we want to make completely transparent.

The biggest risk to our project is our timeline. In the case of nuclear disaster or a 1920’s style bank run on draft equipment and refrigeration components, we would be in trouble. There is always the possibility of a company in our supply chain going out of business or experiencing a supply constraint. We have significantly mitigated this risk by choosing market leaders in each segment of the supply chain. We have further mitigated this risk by identifying a plan B option for every segment of our supply chain.


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Hank the Beer Tank

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