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Jun 23, 2015 4:53 PM ET

Rediscover Kindness: Hitch-hiking trip around the world with Polaroid camera

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015



Two years ago when we started our adventure with hitch-hiking we didn’t expect it will bring us here. Our hitch-hiking trips taught us that we can meet kind people anywhere. Almost instatntly we got this feeling that we need to return the favour to people for their kindness and show others that we can still rely on each other.

Finally, we’ve found the way! We’re going to travel around the world, hitch-hiking from country to country showing you kindness of strangers. We would like to do it through polaroid photographs, which are the essence of catching the best moments.

So we are going to start our 52 weeks journey and take at least 52 photos – unique evidence of kindness and share them on our website. If you want to help us spreading this idea, please support our project.

The priority of our journey is to get into local communities rather than spend money on fancy hotels. That’s why we tried to reduce costs as much as possible and find affordable alternatives or simply use a tent. But some of expenses can’t be avoided as visas, vaccines or insurance.

After many hitch-hiking expeditions we figured out the way to make our assumptions from the graph managable and we ended up with a budget that equals $30 a day per person which covers everything from hostel bed through camera films, tickets and meals. But we belive that when we spend less we can travel more.

Our target goal for this Kickstarter campaign is $7,000, which is significantly less than the total amount of expenses. But our personal contribution is enough to start this trip and we already took almost all recommended vaccines and applied for needed documents as visas. With your help we could take more polaroid photographs, enjoy the journey and spread kindness further.

Because we believe that meaningful gifts are thoughtful things made by our own hands we prepared for you not only polaroid photographs. We created leather items to connect our travel bug with our love for handicrafted things.


These are the milestones of our project. Keep in mind that our trip will take one year so if you want to support us in exchange for a postcard, polaroid photograph or a meeting with us you will receive your reward during this year.

The biggest risk and challenge for us is the chance that the journey will involve us even more than we expect. But we will do everything we can to deliver rewards to you as fast as possible. We will send you handcrafted leather keyholder, luggage tag, passport cover and polaroid camera just a few weeks after the end of campaign. When you will receive your postcard or polaroid photograph it depends mainly from our route. So be patient or pick a country which is at the beginning of our journey. The same applies to the meeting with us somewhere in the world.

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