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Jun 23, 2015 11:41 AM ET

Archived: GLOBAL ALGO FUND: a plan to cash in on global volatility with proprietary technology that has already been introduced to institutional clients

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 23, 2015





This New York consulting company presents a plan to cash in on global volatility with proprietary technology that has already been introduced to institutional clients. Funding is sought to enable the ability to undertake assets from clients – some are ready to commit. This venture offers equity in the hedge fund management company and forecasts stable returns which are derived from fees paid by the clients. Having already secured critical elements for competitive operation, the project is at the turnkey stage.

The available presentation, which was prepared by financiers, business planners and entrepreneurial academicians, thoroughly outlines the fair proportion between risk and profit. The hurdles that the operation is facing are explained and sufficient solutions are budgeted.  Further, it demonstrates the economic justification for investment directly into management side operations of the hedge fund as opposed to committing assets under management to the hedge fund.


Overall, the product being offered is attractive on a global scale since it’s performance driven and applicable to worldwide liquid markets. This fund will operate in a global environment. 


Presently, there is a serious battle erupting within the world of wealth management because most of the assets are automatically traded***. However, there are levels of automation ranging from purely mechanical methods commonly used in high frequency trading, which are not so robust. On the contrary, there are clever models used internally by major institutions continuously harvesting high profits which are not available to outside investors. We introduce a further evolved concept which upon implementation will deliver benefits of our technology to investor’s worldwide. The complex technology solution we present is not common software. This system is custom built by a brilliant team and specifically designed to fulfill expectations of targeted clientele. Our market study confirmed that this kind of product is unequivocally desirable to an international clientele.  

This project offers a superior alternative to the ‘black sheep’ that trouble the financial industry, i.e. Bitcoin and high-frequency trading, which are simply outclassed by the revenue and marketability of our product. But most importantly, when compared to such technology driven operations we possess much higher volume capacity. Also, our structure is built to the highest standards and follows the industry format of doing business: mature, safe, compliant, and transparent. Nevertheless, this hedge fund has a very innovative marketing plan featuring international feeders and online money markets. Thus, the marketing definitely reflects the trends of the new age but it is informed by wisdom from the old world. 

Provided capitalization will position our product into the echelon of world finance since our custom crafted portfolio management software was proven to be institutional grade. Location wise, we target major financial hubs organized by geopolitical jurisdiction compliance (New York, Greenwich CT, London, Switzerland, Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Australia). Finally, we forecast an outstanding revenue stream from Internet subscriptions to the feeders.  The profitability of such a plan is unquestionable in light of supporting documentation.  

***According to Bank for International Settlement 2013 Triennial Survey:

– 2007, 70% of assets were traded manually and 30% algorithmically 

– 2013, 30% of assets were traded manually and 70% were traded algorithmically

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