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Jun 23, 2015 8:25 AM ET

Archived: AIRCOVER INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS CORP.: the emerging leader in regulatory compliant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Sensors and Systems

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AirCover is the emerging leader in regulatory compliant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Sensors and Systems. AirCover’s lead product is State Department and Commerce Department export compliant and is positioned for immediate sales in all global market segments that have a need for secure, scalable and autonomous aerial, marine and terrestrial data collection and analytics systems.

We are a technology-driven commercial-stage company selling sophisticated world class sUAS products with complementing services in customer specific engineering and product operations support. AirCover’s FAA compliant flying platforms and complementing products utilize differentiating encrypted communications technologies and are widely adaptable to immediate customer needs in agriculture, energy, and critical infrastructure industries and are professional-grade products designed for ultimate ease-of-use and field serviceability.


AirCover’s lead product, the QR425 QuadRotor (see video above), enjoys competitive distinction by being one of the very few products that has received FAA approval for operations within the National Airspace. Complementing this favorable endorsement by the FAA, in early 2014 AirCover completed the rigorous “RAPS” evaluation program, a comprehensive and intensive examination of UAS and UAV products conducted by the US Air Force on behalf of all branches of the military and the Department of Homeland Security. 

The AirCover QR425 QuadRotor platform performed very well in all aspects with accolades by the examiners for numerous features and capabilities. A confidential report covering our performance at RAPS was released to the DOD and DHS for widespread consideration.

AirCover has intently focused on developing the QR425 and its sister products under processes and procedures that are intimately familiar to the FAA and their international counterparts. By investing in complete quality assurance and manufacturing programs, our resulting FAA approvals now serve as significant competitive differentiators when we engage international customers and prospects. Moreover, by adopting a virtually hack-proof encrypted command and control system, the AirCover product offering operates in a completely separate and preferred realm of security, appealing to those customers demanding commercial-grade UAS systems with the highest levels of safety and reliability.

AirCover is manufacturing and selling these systems today.


AirCover has invested in obtaining necessary export approvals for its lead product, the QR425 Quad Rotor, from the U.S. Commerce Department and the U.S. Department of State, specifically clearance under the requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This clearance, along with an enabling product-specific Carnet, which is the equivalent of a passport for the product, permits AirCover and its agents to conveniently transport the QR425 product for either commercial sale or for purpose of a non-transactional demonstration, respectively.

Because of the protracted delay by the FAA in issuing rules and guidelines for the broad commercial use of UAV systems in the United Sates airspace, AirCover is keenly focused on demand for mature UAS systems in international markets where interest and receptiveness to UAVs is soaring and their diverse industrial application is attractive. Leveraging our success with the FAA, AirCover has engaged in consultative selling with leading commercial and government entities in Africa, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico addressing customer applications in precision agriculture, state security, critical infrastructure inspection and maintenance, and natural resources development.

One of the priority Uses of Proceeds of our funding campaign is expansion of our team of trained subject matter experts to develop repeatable business in international markets, focusing on incremental sales in high volume segments. 


AirCover is led by a team of professionals with executive and management experience from Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, and L3 Communications. Bringing shirt-sleeve experience in operations, technology development, manufacturing and UAV global operations, most of our executives and senior managers are seasoned military and NASA personnel with relevant direct expertise in all classes of military and civilian aircraft and unmanned systems, ranging from FA18 / A6 to large aircraft and unmanned systems, ranging from large Group 1 UAV aircraft to light Group 4 sUAS platforms. We believe AirCover has an unmatched leadership team to capture the global market for industrial sUAS products.
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