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Jun 22, 2015 6:40 AM ET

Archived: The World`s First Real Cooling Smart Case for Smartphone: With IceCase Smart Case, 1 Smartphone become 2 SmartPhones, double the battery life, CPU Performance and more

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2015

The World`s First Real Cooling Smart Case for Smartphone

For Every one who saw our Kickstarter campaign, We are very happy to send you a free E-book with the top tip for How to get your phone running faster and how to saving the battery! 

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 “With IceCase, double the battery life and CPU Performance ” —-Yahoo

IceCase, is the coolest accessory for your lovely gadget. Never have you warranted to the full usage of the phone and no worry about the overwhelming app multitask like this before!

 We have two different versions for you. When you don`t need the cooling board. You can easily remove it and exchange the style you like.

 Three different classic colors fit each color of your iPhone

 Take a closer look at the detail of the IceCase.Each small part just fits the iPhone perfectly. Wonderful design with powerful protection.

 Aluminum alloy body for rugged durability.

 Enjoy playing games and watch videos without worry the overheating and bettery life.

 Are you a Casio G-Shock user? Yes! We are inspired by its shock-resist design and adopting the similar silicone gel structure, to prevent your lovely gadget from any accidental crash. Don’t worry, this silicon cushion is only 1.8mm, safety shall not be taken at the expense of thickness.

 Why do we want to creat IceCase?

We are rule breaker and we don`t like the heat problem. At the beginning of the project, our team just want to solve the overheating problem of smart phone, when we do more and more research and test , we realize that there are lots of power are wasted just because of the heat problem, maybe just 30% of 1810 Mah, but if this number goes wide when 30% multiply by the user of iPhone 6. This is something big that goes beyond our imagination. But it`s not late to make a small changing by saving your 30%.

Why we should care more about the overheating problem?

Maybe this formula I=U/R is familiar to everyone. The metal resistance is proportional to the temperature. The higher temperature of the iPhone, the more battery we waste. We measure the battery life by running Antutu Benchmark to replicate the power consumption of real-life usage.

This is something more clear that we can see what is going on when your iPhone is getting hot. We keep running Antutu on the same iPhone twice to find out the effect of temperature on the CPU. As we can see the most important is the final core we get from the Antutu test result. Also the battery lost 4%.And this is only 4 minutes. Think about playing another big game for an hour.

 This is another test to prove the cooling function of the material This time we test on the android smart phone because of the temperature can go higher than an iPhone. But we still have a wonderful result even the temperature reachs 58 degree.


 Here is the data comes from HIOKI. It shows that the one with cooling material is more stabilizing than the other.and one thing for sure that is the cooling material will stop your phone from overheating.

 The first two layers are in charge of delivering the heat The last layer(nenotech heatsink pipes) speeds up the cooling process.but that`s not enough.the perfect design of the cooling board surface. It tripled the iPhone cooling area and speed up the cooling process here again.

 Creating the outward is much more easier than sloving the heat problem ,we failed few time on the aluminum alloy and silicon combination,but this is only the small part of failure. It took us almost half an year on the cooling material combination.but they are all worth to be done.

 Please help us share IceCase to the world:


 IceCase including parts bellow  

1.Aluminum Alloy Frame  

2. Two Pieces Silicon Frame  

3. Cooling Board Weight:52g

We fully deliver our expertise in the design for using tri-layer heat conducting system with a combination of:  

Layer 1: Graphite Thin Film Layer(the essential part for heat conduction and case reinforcement)

>Crazy thickness at 0.03mm, less bulky than any other material

> 1000 times stronger than steel

> 100 lighter than aluminum 

 >Pretty much agile heat evacuation : as soon as the phone reaches a certain threshold temperature (normally 30 °C), the nanotubes start to circulate the heat via holes and dissipate them from every angle! 

>We think out of the box, don’t even need refrigerant, the heat circulates throughout the nano-carbon tubes and 70% excessive waste heat can be cut down !

Layer 2: Thermal Silicone Gel substrate

Absorb the heat of the phone in single direction and transfer it to the Graphite layer . We don’t let in but let out the waste heat . Leave the annoying heat problem to the outermost layer.

Layer 3: Nanotech heatsink pipes  

Yes. These sophisticated pipes are precisely spreading on the case. Each of them can enlarge 3 times the heat contact area. Therefore thea waste heat can be disspated as much as possible in the final stage. Say goodbye to the high temperature from now on!

 We hope that we can make better user experience with this technology. Overheating is a defect of electronic product and also wasting a lots electricity everyday. Saving electricity is one of our duty Now. We can do far more with all our backers together.

 Summer is coming and we are ready anytime to jump in the water,but our iPhone is not ready yet and it can not jump. What you gonna do when you bring your iPhone to the beach under high environment temperature.

We are young and we have passion We are rule breaker as you are Maybe we are just bit crazy But never lost our Beginner`s Mind.

No project will be without risks and challenges, but we have mitigated all the risks that we have identified and done our absolute best to minimize them. We have spent enough time in the workshop to know that we have done all the necessary preliminary work prior to coming to Kickstarter.

During pre-production, the manufacturer will be selected from many,specializing in every craftsmanship required to produce.Our goal is to maintain an amazing quality product.

Manufacturing a product is complex and involves many people, parts and tools all dependent on each other to keep things running smoothly. If one thing doesn’t go as planned, it can lead to any number of disruptions along the production line and result in delays. If anything does come up along the way, we promise to handle it like the pros we are and will keep our supporters informed of any changes.

Contact Information:

Paul Smith
Kachou Liu
Fadi Elmahdi
Terry Ye
Kent Chou
Frank Hong

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