Jun 22, 2015 10:00 AM ET

Archived: JOS the First Energy Surface

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2015

It gives us great pleasure to inform that Wednesday 10th of June it  was  officially launched on the market a new technology totally Made in Italy, through the global crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo


JOS is a totally new standard for low voltage power supply

a totally smart new kind of Plug&Socket

It’s a freestanding Energy Surface, a lightweight steel panel containing powerful sockets enabling you to charge without cables numberless kinds of device, from smartphone to tablets, from cameras to small appliances.

A new patented technology that simoultaneously charges all devices on ONE smart powerful surface. Easy to use, with an energy saving up to 15% than traditional systems.

JOS is characterized by high power, efficiency & energy saving for wireless power and charging all devices in low voltage (including Apple!).

Technology and Design inside a single product!


Imagine a system that lets you simultaneously power and charge everything electronic you hold dear, that lets you charge your devices at the same time, that offers high speed charging.

Look no further.

JOS offers the chance to really improve your living and working spaces and save time!



JOS offers an electrified panel with 6 sockets and a wireless connector (JOS Dome) on the panel that can also be used on the go as a Power Bank for an energy reserve (up to 4 hours).



Integration of all devices

Spaces free from cables

Wireless (100% NOT INDUCTION)

Use & Charging

Energy Saving 15%

Less charging time

Power Bank included

Tech & Design Made in Italy

JOS is Made in Italy, designed and produced with care and passion, excellently manufactured and showcases quality Italian design.

Ge rid of your cables and chargers.

Become an innovator and surprise the world.

Win the charging challenge!


Contact Information:

Project Coordinator:
Eleonora Romiti
Communication Manager JOS Technology
M. +393283210155 Mail: info@jostechnology.com

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