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Jun 22, 2015 3:17 PM ET

Archived: Bronx Summer Urban Investigation: Why does subway fare cost what it does? Who decides? Fifteen public high school students from the Bronx will investigate that issue this summer, with your help!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2015

Bronx Summer Urban Investigation

the project

Join us in making this Urban Investigation youth education project possible! CUP’s project-based learning model takes students out of the classroom and into the city to ask—and answer—tough questions about how the city works. 

The students will learn how to be investigative journalists, interviewing a broad range of stakeholders — from MTA leaders to transit advocates to communities impacted by fare hikes. They will learn technical skills and work with a CUP Teaching Artist to create a short documentary about this issue that impacts all New Yorkers.

More importantly, students will learn that the places where they live are the products of decision-making, and that they can talk to decision-makers themselves and hold them accountable. And they will explore a complex issues, with many sides, and have to think critically to decide where they land on the matter.

As a recent student said:

“I learned how to ask questions like a reporter and I learned how to observe deeply. The project was different than a regular class because we got out of the school and we were investigating by looking with our own eyes, and the questions were being asked by us.”

-Rosanny Peralta Lopez, student, Government in Plain Sight project

The students will present their final documentary short to the public in the early fall. In gratitude for your support, you will be invited to meet the students yourself, to hear about what they learned, and to watch the video.

If you donate $500 or more, you will also be listed as a supporter on the project, on CUP’s website, and in related materials. Most of all, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your support helps CUP provide this unique summer experience for Bronx high school students.

the steps

This project will be a collaboration of CUP, a Teaching Artist, and 15 students from five Bronx public high schools: Bronx Academy of Software Engineering, Bronx Collaborative High School, Bronx Compass High School, Bronx International High School, and Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School. 

During the summer program students will:

• Engage in rigorous field research by interviewing decision-makers and stakeholders

• Identify how decisions impacting their community are made and how they can participate in the process

• Learn 21st century skills including critical thinking, collaboration and leadership, and public speaking

• Receive a stipend for their participation

• Collaboratively create a documentary video to use as a teaching tool for communities impacted by the issue

• Present the project at a public launch event where the students will talk about their process and debut the video

why we’re doing it

Urban Investigations are a key part of how CUP fulfills its mission. Students have rare access and opportunities to interact with neighborhood stakeholders, community groups, and city agencies. In doing this, they learn how civic engagement is within their reach, and how important it is to incorporate into their daily lives—and how they can use it to have a voice in shaping their city.

For this program, CUP will work with students who have limited summer programs available to them. These students will learn skills they can use in the future—technical skills like audio and video editing—that can help them get internships and jobs, and critical thinking and communication skills that will help them in future paths. 

Partnerships like these can take years to build, but we have a unique opportunity to collaborate with these schools now, and — most importantly — to provide engaging, educational programming for 15 young people of color who would otherwise have no summer program available to them. 

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