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Jun 22, 2015 5:06 PM ET

Archived: Alice: Whole Life Wellness Seminars

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 22, 2015

Whole Life Wellness Seminars

Personal Story

I was born in Texas but raised in Maryland, just outside Washington, DC. I remember the beautiful summer weather there, with its tremendous summer storms and beautiful seasons. My mother was very interested in the then-new health food and alternative medicine movement, and she adopted an all-natural whole foods, mostly vegetarian diet from the time when I was little. She grew a large vegetable garden right there in the middle of the suburban neighborhood we lived in and gave my sister and brother and I little patches to be responsible for.

Currently I live in Port Charlotte and am part of the new West Coast Health Coalition Initiative. I have a degree in psychology and mental health and rehabilitation, and I teach workshops and classes on making vital lifestyle and dietary changes for optimal health and longevity. For several years I taught at Warm Mineral Springs Spa and Cafe Evergreen, now located in Sarasota. When my husband died of pancreatic cancer in 2009, my sister helped me to start over and begin to build my business, in order reach those who were suffering with serious health issues, many of whom, like my husband, could not afford health insurance or costly medical care.

My dream is to have a retreat center where people from all over can come to rest and recover and heal. I want to be a part of bringing people together to learn ways to become more responsible for our own wellbeing and welfare.

At college, I was asked to come up with an idea for an enterprise that I could make a success of on my own. So I created a youth conference, that within a short time had a full enrollment of people from all over the country and sold out.

Business Description

My business is educational health seminars, classes and conferences that focus on the nutritional and lifestyle options for wellness. My methods are centered on a plant-based diet and aim at creating a focused and enjoyable plan for health and fitness goals.

My background is in education, psychology, rehabilitation and mental health. I noticed that the emotional and psychological obstacles people went through sometimes neutralized when health conditions were addressed first. I developed a program of making simple dietary and fitness adjustments and began teaching workshops and classes on how to make the transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle and Whole Life Wellness Seminars was born.

My biggest challenge so far has been to reach a wider audience so that I could grow my business and reach more people! I realized that I had to expand to a more current online presence via my website and my YouTube channel series called In The Kitchen With Alice, a weekly hands-on, how-to presentation on how to make these changes. My students and clients are from all ages and backgrounds, who share a desire to help themselves to experience greater health and freedom from pain and disease.

Locally we attend a monthly contra dance; visit a local farm to support their efforts and to acquire the best local, organic produce available; and also benefit from other practitioners whom I have known for many years and whose interests are the same as my own: to support people in making better, self-sustaining choices in their lives.

My goal is to expand my business so that I can gain working capital to make my business self-sustaining, and ultimately to create a retreat center where people can come to heal and learn how to best care for themselves. I also plan to self-publish my first book on transitioning to a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet that I have been teaching about and practicing over the years. I am incredibly happy every time I hear from students and clients alike that the work that we have done together has made vital changes happen for them and that it has put them back on their own life path.

What is the purpose of this loan?

By purchasing equipment, services and marketing online, I expect to increase my business revenue by 129 % in the first year.
Loan Breakdown:
Logo $99
Website $84/year hosting
Website, newsletter and social media brand design $640
Website, newsletter and social media management $500
Video editing (for YouTube video series, etc) $200
Editing/copywriting $1300
Equipment: $750 camera, $75 tripod/microphone/cover
Equipment insurance $100
E-book production $400
E-commerce site $60
Google AdWords campaign $160
Amazon distribution and creation $180
Wardrobe for ITKWA $250

Contact Information:


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