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Jun 20, 2015 9:30 AM ET

Mellie Green #organicrevolution: making organic baby clothing mainstream

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 20, 2015

Mellie Green #organicrevolution

Mellie Green #organicrevolution


At Mellie Green we retail the best in organic babywear, skincare and toys – we work with organic clothing businesses in the UK and international organic toy producers to bring you a range of baby products for your little bundles. We retail mainly through our website at and try to educate on the benefits of buying organic cotton and supporting organic farmers. 

We’re raising money to improve our website, taking it away from being just a retail site and using it to help people understand the difference between organic and non-organic clothing production. Helping us to further support those farmers, workers and the communities that benefit from fairtrade toy sales.

The money that we raise will revamp the website giving us an opportunities to improve educational resources and help us produce a marketing campaign to spread the word about organic outside our existing customer base. 


Why Organic and Fairtrade? 

Up to 77 million people a year are poisoned by the pesticides used in cotton production and clothes manufacturing, that’s 77 million people who are already working in harsh conditions to produce the vast amounts of cotton needed to sustain the clothing industry. Cotton is produced by over 100 million cotton farmers in 80 countries across the world, and as the industry’s needs increase the intensity of farming can only increase to sustain it. This means an increase in pesticides, water and energy and a decrease in the farmers and workers wellbeing.

Not only is this having a huge affect on our planet and those workers due to toxic chemical use but it also has a huge impact on the clothing which we put on our children. These toxic chemicals used in cotton production and clothes manufacture leave allergenic, carcenogenic and toxic residue in the clothing which can cause allergies, rashes and respiratory problems – especially in children’s sensitive skins.

The products that we buy use organic cottons and materials, and where ever possible we work with manufacturers who not only share our ethos on organic but are fairtrade ensuring that they provide fair prices to the cotton farmers, workers and toy manufacturers for their goods. All this helps the local economy and provides healthy working environments and living conditions for families and communities.


image (c) Hathay Bunano 


In supporting Mellie Green you’re also supporting communities across the world, enabling us to continue to buy fairtrade and organic products and help others understand why this is so important. 


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