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Jun 19, 2015 2:31 PM ET

Archived: Zashes Lashes is an eyelash company that provides a healthy and organic twist to the market

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 19, 2015

Zashes Lashes


Personal Story

My name is Azasha, and I have started a retail and manufacturing business in Mink Fur Eyelashes. I came up with this idea to encourage ladies about their self-esteem in a revolutionary but natural way. My Grandmother (Nana) had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. While battling cancer she started to see drastic changes with her appearance because of chemotherapy. While helping and cleaning up I came across a few pictures of Nana from her younger days. She was beautiful and always had the false dramatic eyelashes that seemed to exude confidence. I wanted her to feel just as beautiful as she did in those moments. Because of the radiation, I had to think of a safer product to use for adhesive to attach the lashes. So I came up with a non-chemical, no harm eyelash. Most eyelashes are made with dye which contains formahydrate and other various chemicals. Research that I have done shows that these chemicals can be harmful to some people and my product provides an organic alternative to a million dollar industry.

Unfortunately, my Nana passed away in late October of 2014, but through her legacy, I can continue my dream. I want to share this product with as many people as possible and especially the ones who lost their confidence!

Business Description

Zashes Lashes is an eyelash company that provides a healthy and organic twist to the market. They are completely made out of Mink fur and are able to be reused up to 25 times. For many, beauty and cosmetic products have become a necessity. Whether for an elegant evening event or for a day at work, people need to look their best. One of the most popular categories of cosmetics is for the eyes. As they are the first thing most people notice upon introduction, women choose to spend time beautifying this area. Zashes Lashes provides a new product that is sure to bring attention to the eyes of the wearer. Mink fur eyelashes are luxurious and ienhance the beauty of the wearer’s eyes so that all attention will be focused on them alone.

This concept was created by Zashes Lashes founder Azasha Menifield who desires to create a product that brings out the beauty of the wearer and makes the eyes the central focal point. The company will be one of the few of its kind in the US, which creates a unique market opportunity. Zashes Lashes is being presented the opportunity to create its own niche in a market that has primarily been concentrated in southeast Asia. In addition to retailing its product, Zashes Lashes will also develop an expansive online ordering platform that will allow the company to maximize exposure in the cosmetic market.

What is the purpose of this loan?

If I am granted a $5,000 Kiva Zip loan, I will expand my inventory and create an e-commerce international website.

Expanding my inventory will allow me to strategically place my product in hair and beauty markets across the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Through my e-commerce website I will not only be able to sell my product, but I will also be able to educate people on the dangers of using non-organic products.

Contact Information:


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