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Archived: Bartesian: the Ultimate Cocktail Machine: Bartesian mixes you the perfect cocktail in seconds; insert your capsule and select your strength. It’s cocktails, liberated!

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Bartesian: the Ultimate Cocktail Machine

What is Bartesian?

Bartesian is cocktails, liberated. Create delicious cocktails at home without fancy recipes or multiple ingredients. Everything you need is inside the capsule – just add the basic spirits (vodka, rum, gin, and tequila).

Insert your capsule, select the strength, and Bartesian will mix the perfect cocktail every time. One cocktail, one capsule, as simple as that!

Our Cocktails

We are launching with six favorites to start, three classics and three signatures, and will be rapidly expanding into the future. A la carte selections, themed packs, and seasonal varieties are just some of the options that will become available.

You Choose the Next Drinks:  As a Kickstarter backer, you will have the exclusive opportunity to choose the next drinks we release. The cocktails listed below are just some of the options available, but the options are endless. We can’t wait for you to become a Bartesian bartender and to help shape the future of our cocktails.

Premium Ingredients

Our team of cocktail experts have painstakingly developed each drink to taste truly authentic, exactly how your local mixologist would make them.

Each Bartesian Capsule is made with real, premium ingredients. Fresh juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs, and bitters, all in liquid form. There are no artificial powders or high-glucose corn syrup in these capsules. This allows for quality taste and drinkability cocktail after cocktail.

Real, liquid ingredients
Real, liquid ingredients

Elegant Design

Metal enclosure with warm, textured finish, and stainless steel accents
Metal enclosure with warm, textured finish, and stainless steel accents
Glass Reservoirs
Glass Reservoirs
Subtle highlights (bar-runner drip tray)
Subtle highlights (bar-runner drip tray)

Bartesian has been designed and developed with the care and intricacy of a craft cocktail. From the welded steel enclosure, to the simple geometric form, we have designed every feature with style and ease of use in mind to create the ultimate user experience. Bartesian has a simple, analog interface: no need for each guest to download and fumble through an app. 

Shake It, Baby

Included with every Bartesian
Included with every Bartesian

We’ve even incorporated the iconic cocktail shaker into the Bartesian experience, a visceral part of cocktail culture. So now you can make amazing cocktails, AND look like a pro while doing it!

Environmentally Friendly

Capsules are recyclable
Capsules are recyclable

Bartesian capsules are recyclable. You heard right, recyclable!  Unlike some other single-serve “cup” systems out there, we love the environment!  We better not see one Bartesian capsule in the garbage…


Additional Capsules:  Be prepared for another round. You don’t want to be “that” host and let your guests’ go thirsty. Add $20 to your pledge for each additional pack of 12 capsules. 12, 24, even 144 capsules.  This is a special Kickstarter price, so make sure to get’em while its hot!

Simply multiply $20 by the number of packs you want, and add this to your base pledge.  For example, if you snagged an early bird and wanted 24 extra capsules, pledge 249 + 40 = $289.  We will contact you before shipping to arrange your flavours. Don’t hold back, the shipping is on us.

In the future, capsules will be sold for between $20-$25 for a pack of 12.  Since we haven’t started production, we don’t know the exact costs yet, but we will make sure to keep the price as low as possible!  


Features and Specs

Each of the four glass reservoirs contains one of the basic spirits: vodka, rum, tequila, and gin. No need for cleaning and putting in different liquids or flavours, the capsules take care of all of that.  

Bartesian is equipped with an intelligent barcode system which automatically reads the recipe for each cocktail and custom prepares each one to its unique method.  

Bartesian has an ultra-simple, three button interface.  There’s something so rewarding about the push of a button, and watching the machine do all the work.  

Cleaning: It couldn’t be easier! Simply pull out the capsule tray, rinse under warm water and pop it back into the machine, how easy is that? The reservoirs bottles themselves are dishwasher safe making it quick and easy to get your machine clean and back in action. But because the reservoirs store only alcohol, they don’t have to be continually cleaned and changed.

Our Journey

To us, cocktails have always been something special. There are some great bars out there, but sometimes you just want to have cocktails at home with friends, at a dinner party, on your patio, or after work. That’s why we wanted to make a super simple way for everyone to enjoy an authentic cocktail experience in their home.

Our trusty coffee machine retrofitted to make cocktails
Our trusty coffee machine retrofitted to make cocktails

We spent the first couple months of development speaking to as many people as possible to discover what they really wanted in a home cocktail machine. We modified a coffee machine to learn as quickly as possible how different setups worked and what people liked and didn’t like about the machine. Once we saw the excitement in people’s eyes, we knew it was time to leave our jobs and develop this amazing idea full-time.

Prototype Evolution
Prototype Evolution

Our first prototype was pretty rough, but it proved our concept and we were accepted into HAX, the world’s premier hardware accelerator. As part of this, we moved to Shenzen China, the hardware capital of the world to design the machine and set up our supply chain. This experience taught us so much, and after four months, and four more prototypes, we walked away with a beautiful and fully-functional model.

Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches

Meet the Team

Bryan Fedorak is an internationally experienced bartender. Having studied engineering and business, he’s honed skills in six industries to develop a diverse set of expertise, and has launched three start-ups. Oh, and his first ever drink was a Prairie Fire, a “savory” mix of hot sauce and tequila.  Yum??

Jason Neevel is an experienced mechanical engineer and product designer. With multiple years working in product development, he has in-depth knowledge of all stages required to ship a product. Jason’s legendary alcohol tolerance is considered a strategic asset to the company.

Dee Brun is an award winning author and our resident cocktail’ista. She’s been fundamental in creating our amazing recipes and fabulous drinks! Full of passion and a zest for all things cocktails, Dee has an abundance of creative drink knowledge which makes her an invaluable member of the team. She is the true Cocktail Deeva.

Contact Information:

Bryan Fedorak
Jason Neevel
Dee Brun

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