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Jun 17, 2015 11:06 AM ET

Archived: Titan Atlas Global, LC: the solution to the massive global need for basic social housing

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2015

Titan Atlas Global, LC

Titan Atlas Global, LC Logo


Titan Atlas Global (TAG) was recently featured on Bloomberg TV. It is known for the strength of its homes and their “disaster-proof” nature. More importantly, TAG is the “solution” to the massive global need for basic “social housing.” TAG builds with patented 3-D panels for strength and low cost. The TAG Kit home can be supplied at the lowest costs in the industry, and thus has global demand.

**News: TAG selected to build “largest” film studio: See LINK here. **

Egypt signed a deal on March 10 to build $40 Billion of houses – 1,000,000 homes by 2020. This is TAG’s market. Many countries have similar demand. Housing economists say 73% of US homes are in regions threatened by hurricane, tornado and earthquake. Not only are TAG homes less expensive, but they are proven to withstand natural disasters. TAG is approved by the International Building Code.

TAG homes are:
Hurricane-proof (rated for winds of 300mph)
Earthquake-proof (rated for Zone 6, Richter 9.4)
Fire-proof (Class A rated)
Tornado-proof (Monolithic structure cannot be torn apart)

The International housing market is estimated by the UN at a 100,000,000 home deficit – and increasing rapidly. Most international housing is terrible construction. Increasing populations and migration to cities has made the provision of “Social Housing” a major political movement in many nations. Nations have initiated huge programs dedicated to solving housing issues.

By merging best-of-class sustainable products with proprietary patented technology, and an efficient manufacturing facility TAG is able to deliver high quality homes around the world that meet IBC standards – in volume and at low cost!

TAG has homes in more than 50 countries. Its products are proven. TAG has supplied commercial buildings and defense bases for the US Department of Defense.

Expansion capital is necessary to allow TAG to fulfill forecasted demand. TAG’s sales are at high margin, so profitability is forecast to be very strong.


Products / Services

Building Supplies and the TAG Kit (trademarked)

The TAG Kit is trademarked. It is the strongest home available to the market. But houses sell based on price – so TAG has designed the Kit to be the least expensive home on the market. It took years of work to bring together the best of the world’s building technologies and turn these into a system. That is the TAG Kit. We manufacture the strongest homes, the least expensive homes. TAG Kits are disaster-proof, efficient to build and very reasonably priced.

Contact Information:

Kenneth Calligar

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