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Jun 17, 2015 4:50 PM ET

Peeple – Next-Generation Home Monitoring Technology: Caller ID For Your Front Door

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 17, 2015



Caller ID is one of the most helpful inventions of the modern age because it helps you to know who’s calling and whether or not you want to answer. At Building 10 Technology, we couldn’t help but think: shouldn’t you have the same kind of visibility when it comes to your own home?

Peeple provides an elegant, compact, and easy-to-use caller ID system for your front door that sends a notification to your smartphone with a series of pictures to let you know who’s at your door.

We’re revolutionizing home monitoring. Even when you’re not home, Peeple lets you see who’s there!


You are a busy person. You’re probably out and about more than you’re at home. So how do you know who’s at your door when you’re not home?

Even when you are home, you don’t always know who’s knocking at the door. You have to get up, leaving behind whatever you were doing, in order to peek out to see if it’s a friend calling or just a salesperson trying to talk your ear off. Your front door is a blind spot until you get up and check it yourself.

In a digital age, shouldn’t you have an easy and effective way to know who’s knocking and when, to be able to make that blind spot visible?

Peeple makes it easier than ever to see who’s at your door, whether you’re just in the other room or out and about.


Peeple is a digital door monitoring system that uses a simple yet powerful combination of a camera, wi-fi connection and your smartphone to notify you of who’s knocking at your front door. 

Even when you’re away from home, Peeple lets you see out your front door when people come knocking, giving you total visibility as to who is stopping by. 

So why Peeple? 

When you’re away from home, it’s often a worry that something will happen to your house while you’re away. Peeple is your 24/7 front-door sentry, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that, even when you’re not home, Peeple is!


These days,  ordering products online and having them delivered to your front door is the new standard for getting your shopping taken care of. Peeple clets you know when delivery people stop by with your package, so you never have to miss another delivery again!


Whether you want to makes sure your toddler doesn’t wander outside, or see when your teen gets home from school, Peeple makes it easy to know when your kids are coming and going.


When you’re home, you don’t always want to answer the door, and if you go to look out your window, there’s a good chance that the person knocking will see you. Peeple allows you to discretely check who’s at the door to help you decide whether or not you want to answer the door.

Peeple is a digital door monitoring option for the digital age. We want to make it easy for you to see out your front door – wherever and whenever you are. 


We know what you’re thinking: Peeple sounds amazing, but how exactly does it work? Will I have to pay for expensive installation or plug it in or deal with ugly circuit boards outside my house? We wouldn’t want to deal with those problems and we know you wouldn’t either so we designed Peeple to be extremely unobtrusive and easy to install and maintain!

Peeple consists of electronics, a camera, a rechargeable battery, a bracket to mount on existing or new peepholes (with an adapter to handle different diameter peepholes), and a beautiful enclosure.

Peeple attaches to the inside of your door using the peephole hardware and magnets. It is battery-powered so there are no wires to connect.


Since Peeple’s unique camera system only activates when someone knocks or opens your door, you should only need to charge the battery at most every 6 months.


Once activated, Peeple connects to your home Wifi and sends a picture of your visitor up to the cloud and to your smartphone in under 5 seconds. It will also connect to your phone via bluetooth, so you know who’s at your door in real time!


The Building 10 Technology team has made some exciting progress with Peeple, and it’s all momentum building toward even bigger and better things to come!

Last fall, we developed and distributed successful prototypes for field tests in the Highway1 Accelerator, and this year, we were the runner up the CES Hardware Battlefield sponsored by TechCrunch.

Currently, we’re field testing to ensure that customers are satisfied when the product goes to market. We have also had some incredible press mentions by TechCrunch, CNBC and The Huffington Post, just to name a few!

Up next: finalizing development of Peeple and getting it into production. After that, we also hope to develop some accessories, like a doorbell sensor and a locking mechanism, that will transform Peeple into a truly comprehensive front-door monitoring solution.

For more information about the future of Peeple and how you can be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!


Chris has done a number of incredible things with his BS and Masters degrees in Electrical and Computer engineering: he has coded large data software projects, built consumer applications that are used by millions, managed teams of engineers, and founded several successful startups. Chris and David used to work together in the game industry before they won a hackathon with Chris’s idea for a Wifi-enabled camera for a peephole, and Peeple was born! Chris got the idea for Peeple when his young son wandered outside and was returned by the neighbors, and he hopes to give people a sense of security in knowing when someone opens or knocks on their door.

Craig has developed hardware for 30 years and is an expert in both power and camera designs. A camera hardware hitman, Craig currently has hardware that is orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station!

With 24 years in the architecture and games industries, David is a digital design generalist with a broad set of skills. He combines his user-centered designs with a strong artistic and technical background to create superior products. David is responsible for the management of distributed product teams on numerous software titles.


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Chris Chuter
Craig Sullender
David Genet

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