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Although it may not always seem like it, people in our world value those who strive to make a difference in our world. A new brand called Sickindividual recently released their first collection “Minds” on Kickstarter, which pays tribute to those who inspire others and create positive influences in other people’s lives.

The style of Sickindividual is based on surrealism, symbolism and psychedelic features which are strongly influenced by today’s pop culture. Intense research is done before the drawing starts so that the person’s entire being and life can be captured into the artwork of the t-shirt. Some of the Sickindividuals already released include Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Michael Jordan and John Lennon.

Young designer Felipe Urteaga who previously worked for an animation studio before beginning his start-up graphic t-shirt company founded Sickindividual. He says that although thereare many t-shirt companies out there, he believes in Sickindividual’s quality and uniqueness that many people are attratced to. He is inspiredby the fact that there are so many sick individuals to create to meet the uniqueness and personality across many different types of individuals.

The company is in the middle of their Kickstarter campain which ends on June 26th.  To learn more, visit www.sickindividual.co and visit the Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sickindividual/sickindividual-illnes-you-want.

Contact Information:

For inquiries please contact jorgeurteaga@sickindividual.co

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