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Jun 16, 2015 12:53 PM ET

Archived: Yee’s Hung-Ga kung fu academy: Building esteem, creating a safe environment, and overcoming physical challenges are just a few of the things I help to accomplish

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2015

Yee’s Hung-Ga kung fu academy


Personal Story

I was born in West Philadelphia in the 70’s, I have fond memories of an important time spent with my father. We watched wrestling every Saturday afternoon together. It was when Andre the Giant lost the Championship belt to Hogan, my life change forever. I was sorely disappointed because Andre was my hero and I was convinced no one could best him. I was certain that there were nefarious powers at work here. My father understanding my utter confusion put me out of my misery one day and turned the channel to 29. Black belt theater entered my life and it was a turning point for me. We saw double feature movies at the Capital theater and at the 69th street terminal theater. I admired the ancient marvels of physical expertise and believed I too was capable of such feats. I beseech my parents to send me to classes for proper instruction, But in their personal convictions they felt my temperament would get the better of me.

When I was 10yrs old we moved to Allentown PA. Over the next decade I honed my body with street tumbling. One Saturday afternoon I was walking up 7th street and I witnessed the most phenomenal thing. I watch an old man run past me. He was strong and athletic. I was so impressed I watched him run down the hill an a mile up the hill to the Whitehall mall. This was the second turning point. That Monday I started working out at the school gym. I was 17 years old and determinate to be strong and fit the rest of my life; capable just like that old man. I realize that feeling old is not a direct result of being older. Later I joined the Roxborough high gymnastics team for more professional development. By 22 I was a personal trainer and an Assistant gymnastics coach. I was working 3 jobs. At 21 I watch a movie that motivated me so much I had to go and fine this extraordinary skill call kung fu. I search an search but could not find it. At this time my main job was night manager at a local arcade in University City. I supplemented my fascination for martial arts with video games of which I was fairly good at most of them. With the exception of pool ,can’t win a game if my life depended on it, I digress. There was one fighting game in particular that I so enjoyed, And there was an older gentleman the kids called twenty dollar man who hung around that game. They called him this on account that he was so incredibly awful at playing the games and it would take that much at 50 cents a pop to win a fight. He like to watch the battles. His name was John he was in his mid thirties, a little older than everyone else And I was kind to him. I didn’t like the fact that he was just misunderstood and teased. One day I removed an employees from the game who was teasing him and taking advantage. I put my money up and beat him fair and square. I vindicated John and returned his money. I told him “today I am going to teach you how to play this game”. It was the beginning of a friendship. Over the next few months we practiced after hours on the games to sharpen his skills. Soon he was ready to show his new abilities to the community. It didn’t take long for people to realize what was going on. Word around was don’t play him because he was training with me. He got his much deserved respect. One summer day I saw him with a shirt on with Chinese characters and a recognizable symbol. He told me he would show me a little something one day when I asked him about it. A few days later he showed me the most impressive kung fu I had ever witnessed personally reminiscent of those early days watching back belt theater with my dad. The entire time he was considering teaching me. John trained me for the next 5 years. 2 years after that I was discipled by his Sifu Pedro Cepreo Yee. I took the necessary test and opened my branch in 2006.

Now I’m in the business of character and esteem development, life counseling and personal rehabilitation. I am a martial arts instructor in the greater Philadelphia area of Lansdowne PA. I teach Hung-Ga kung fu to the tri-state. Ga means family and I turn no away, I even Have a few interns That work for training. To keep the school alive I need to fill the studio. At least triple my student body. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. I want to learn to fish. This investment will support an large EDDM mailing campaign (10,000 homes). This will support the financial growth to purchase our own building/home. With your help
Yee’s Hung-Ga Kung fu Academy will find is permanent residence we call home.

Business Description

I teach Hung-Ga Kung fu in my area to men, women, children, both young and old. Ga means family and this is a community development organization. Building esteem, creating a safe environment, and overcoming physical challenges are just a few of the things I help to accomplish. Our success stories are in the fields of vertigo, fibromyalgia, bulimia, sciatica, acid reflux, type 2 diabetes, general weight loss, muscle building and more. I teach a trade skill which my students have gone on to start their own mokoon (school) emulating the example of my branch. I educate the public in matters of health and nutrition along with their physician to combat the early on set of fatigue and physical dilapidation. To plainly state it my profession is “life building”.

Traditionally I teach the timeless crafted techniques of the 5 animals and 5 elements ( Tiger,Crane, Snake,Dragon,Leopard- Water, Earth, Fire, Gold, Wood). 4 hand skills and 6 weapons. I started this journey long before I had the drive and focus to build and run a business, but this is my lifes work.

Over these 20 years what I have learned about my customer base is 10% of who you reach will show a genuine interest. 1% you keep. This investment will reach 10,000 homes with a large EDDM (Every door direct mail) mailer campaign. 1,000 people will call, walk in, text, and email. 100 are permanent customers. The balance after the mailer will afford uniforms and equipment ready for new arrivals. The new clientele will generate the adequate income to invest in a lovely new building.

Upon the success of this campaign and the restructuring of our establishment I have plans to franchise this idea with in the(Ye’s) association.
This investment will help build a lot more businesses then just my own.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will bring in approximately 100 new customers supplying the income to renovated and occupy a building I have in talks. With a lease to buy option this will become the permanent location of our establishment. The average customer represents between $104 and $137.5 a month. Full occupancy at my current location for the student body will be about 130 clients.

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