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Jun 16, 2015 10:16 AM ET

Archived: JUICY – ethical & healthy juice bar start-up: a juice bar start-up with a social conscience, passionate about fresh, local and delicious food!

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 16, 2015

JUICY – ethical & healthy juice bar start-up

JUICY - ethical & healthy juice bar start-up

I enjoy cooking (And eating! Not so much washing up though…!) and after a period in my life where was on a serious economy drive, I realised how it is possible to eat cheaply AND healthily AND still make something tasty – sometimes it just takes a bit of imagination! 

A few weeks later, after a chat with a friend about the poor quality of takeaway food in our area, and how sometimes you just want something fresh and tasty (but can’t be bothered cooking), I thought why not open a ‘healthy’ takeaway.  The only thing stopping me are the initial outlay costs, as even with saving and saving it’s not easy to do alone!

The purpose of this project is to raise £15,000 for the development of a juice/smoothie and healthy takeway food bar. JUICY will be an Andover-based business that will provide a diverse line of juices, smoothies, and small food products to customers in its targeted market. 

JUICY will address the gap in the local market for nutritious, fresh convenience food of the highest quality.  Appealing to ethical or socially conscious consumers, JUICY will also cater for a range of dietary requirements including vegetarian/vegan, gluten free and low cholesterol.

JUICY will offer a wide menu of juices and smoothies, plus a number of organic food items. Priding itself on being a small, local, quick-service outlet, JUICY will seek to provide only the highest quality products in an inviting atmosphere.

The equity I am hoping to raise is to help me purchase the initial catering equipment I will require, pay for a comprehensive advertising campaign and assist me with start-up costs for the first few months of trading. 



Contact Information:

Olivia Underhill

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