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Jun 15, 2015 11:11 AM ET

Archived: FILM FESTIVAL SECRETS 2.0: now it’s time for an update to “Film Festival Secrets.”

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2015


There’s a lot about the world of film festivals that will never change. Audiences still show up to watch movies in the dark with their fellow film lovers, and they’re still thrilled to meet the creators of those movies at their local film festivals. 

Accordingly, there are parts of the first edition of “Film Festival Secrets” that will stand the test of time.
However, there are other bits of the book that really show their age. (That mention of MySpace in the marketing chapter, for instance, really has to go.) 
Just as the book itself must change, however, I think it’s important to learn more about the ways filmmakers like you enter the festival circuit, what you want from the experience, and how you can better take advantage of what it has to offer. The best way to do that is not to lock myself away during the writing process, but to invite you to be part of the journey.
I’m looking forward to getting to know a new community of filmmakers and their work as the new edition of “Film Festival Secrets” takes shape.

While working at the Austin Film Festival in 2005, I got to listen to film programmers on the phone with filmmakers. Most of the time they were answering the same questions over and over again, which made me think “someone should really write all this down in a book somewhere.” 

Turns out that “someone” was me.
In 2008 I published “Film Festival Secrets,” a practical guide to launching a successful run for your film on the festival circuit. Since then, thousands of filmmakers have read it online and in print, and a number of film schools used it in their classes. 
Best of all, I’ve worked with hundreds of filmmakers and film festival staffers and learned a lot about the film festival business from both sides.
New technology and new ideas have made a deep impact on the world of festivals and independent film, so now it’s time for an update to “Film Festival Secrets.” 
Rather than toil in isolation researching and writing the next edition, however, I’m inviting filmmakers to be a part of the process. I want to know for certain that I’m answering your most urgent questions, so you’ll be able to ask them as the research progresses.
Contributors to this campaign will be able to:
  • listen in on research interviews as they happen
  • ask questions of me and the festival experts I interview
  • get early access to new chapter drafts as I write them
  • discuss festival strategy with me and your fellow filmmakers in a private Facebook group
  • listen to the recorded interviews later when they are released as podcast episodes
There are additional incentives available including festival fee waivers, personalized consultation for your film, and more. 

The book will be available as a printed edition, as well as electronic editions for multiple ebook platforms. The calls will be held as webinars and recorded for podcast distribution on iTunes, etc. 

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