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Jun 15, 2015 5:58 PM ET

Agathos – Handmade crochet jewelry with natural agate stone.

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 15, 2015


Handmade crochet jewelry with natural agate stone.

The concept: surprise handmade crochet jewelry with natural agate stone.

I would like you to feel unique and beautiful simply by wearing one of my unique hand made Agate bracelet/necklace.

When I observe agate stones, I cannot help but to be amazed at their sheer variety. Colors ranging from green to white, gold, grey, beautiful veins that create complex patterns…  It reminds me that just for being unique I am beautiful and good.  Kalos kai agathos (beautiful and good) as in the classical greek culture.

I first created some pieces for myself and my 3 years old daughter Agata, who is always so amazed and enthusiastic of her new surprise jewel! I then created some necklaces for close friends and relatives and now I want to offer you the oportunity to get your unique personal Agathos jewel!

In the years,I have accumulated not only experience but also an incredible amount of « leftover » yarn, quantities too small for large projects but perfect for jewel creation. I use yarns already in my possession, embracing an ecological spirit of responsible consumption. The yarns used are new (otherwise said, not newly bought but never used before)  and of excellent quality. Most yarns are made of natural cotton fiber.

What do I offer?

I have a great variety of yarn and I don’t follow a pattern, only my inspiration in my creation process, so each piece is unique as the stone that it bears. I started creating “simple” round bracelets but lately I have been focusing on delicate 30-45 cm long creation bearing multiples simple forms as stars, flowers, circles, squares, spirals and also free forms creations. These can be worn as wrapping bracelet (3-5 turns) or a sautoir type necklace.

I would like to offer my unique Agathos pieces in surprise little and nice paper gifts. For who feel less adventourous I leave the choice between the two main lines Colorfully joyful or Naturally romantic, based on the selection of color nuances.

Surprise is a key feature of the Agathos concept, however I really want you to wear and enjoy your personal creation so at the end of the funding phase I’ll send to all contributors an inquiry to offer you the opportunity to tell me if you have some shape or colour preferences before sending you the Agathos craft.

Here are some examples of the different categories I created for the rewards to my kind contributors!

How do you feel today?

Naturally romantic or Colorfully joyful?

The simple option:

The wrap option:

A delicate creation bearing multiples simple forms such as stars, flowers, circles, squares, spirals or also free form creations that can be a necklace, a sautoir or a wrap bracelet. It is available in two sizes: either 30 cm (short necklace or 3-4 loops wrap bracelet) or 45 cm sautoir or wrap bracelet (4-5 loops).

The WOW! option:

The more complex and refined creations, often composed of more than one color or stone.

I found these creations particularly useful when babywearing or breastfeeding: perfect to distract the little one from pinching or pulling hair!

The Mumandme option:

A standard size necklace for mum and a matching one for the daughter (sized to fit a girl from 3 years and older). If you wish, you can choose color range and shapes!

And to follow the project progress and new creations visit the facebook page 


What are the funds for?

Where will the collected money go?

The main goal of this crowdfunding project is for me to understand if somebody else out there like my creations and to get the drive to go on creating a webshop.
I will:

  • buy Agate beads for future creations.
  • create a new serie of Mumandme line and a man collection
  • set up a multiple choice system where you can choose colors (from a predefined selection) shapes or theme for your custom unique Agathos jewel.
  • create a shop on Etsy.

• If CHF 2000.- or more are collected, I will have a professional designer create a new stunning logo for Agathos and personalized wrapping paper (I will minimize the use of paper and packing material, I promise).



About the project owner

Who am I?

Hello, I am Martina. In my thirties, Italian living in Switzerland where I moved to pursue a career in Science. Yeah, can you believe that? Few years and two kids ago, I was a Neuroscientist! I definitely had to create a neuron shaped bracelet (be gentle my dear neuroscientist friends, it’s a really stylized one).

I embraced the art of crochet while expecting my second baby and my passion still grows each day stronger for this amazing tool to express creativity in so many ways!

I love dark chocolate, summer rain, surprises and little bare feet noise on wooden floor, I like infinitely less winter rain and turnips. Oh! And I gave up lying myself about my favourite colour being blue: it is orange, definitely orange.



Contact Information:


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