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Jun 14, 2015 10:28 AM ET

Archived: Team Gemini Management LLC: Alternative & Renewable Energy

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2015

Team Gemini Management LLC

Team Gemini Management LLC Logo

Team Gemini Management LLC (TGM) is a Holdco created to take advantage of project companies created by its affiliated company Team Gemini LLC’s (TG) industry-changing approach to industrial parks of the future, such as the planned Center of Resource Recovery & Recycling (COR3) and the Gemini Synergy Center (GSC) in Grove City Ohio.

The Company’s Operating Agreement is designed to favor investors with certain valuable rights:
(1) Investor’s initial contribution is paid back on first profits before distribution to the Founders
(2) Cap on operating expenses
(3) Voting rights protecting any potential future dilution or changes in operating cap
(4) Future distributions are paid based on ownership after a 100% return

The first phase of this project is the COR3. A Materials Recovery Facility designed, built and operated by the industry leaders in their respective fields. Pertinent agreements in place include a 100-year agreement with a AAA credit-rated State Authority for all the waste stream sent to the fifth largest landfill in US. Other important agreements include the pre-purchase of all extracted recyclables from waste stream. This is the primary source of revenue stated in the financials. TGM has already executed definitive agreements for the selling 80% of its stake in COR3 in 4Q 2014.

The second expanding phase will take advantage of the remaining 50% of waste stream material and will be used for the 340-acre Gemini Synergy Center. That organic fraction will contribute to stabilizing commodity-driven enterprises by lowering or eliminating entirely the typical high operating costs associated with electric, fuel and water. These industrial parks become self-sufficient or off-grid by being self-powered, heated, cooled, and water is reclaimed, treated and recycled on-site along with other waste. These features become very attractive to businesses wishing to reduce their overall footprint, with many already expressing interest in leasing space in the future.


Products / Services

Center of Resource Recovery & Recycling (COR3)

The Center of Resource Recovery & Recycling (COR3) is the 1st phase of the Gemini Synergy Center (GSC). It’s a Materials Recovery Facility to be built adjacent to the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill (FCSL) in Central Ohio. COR3 is designed to process mixed MSW at over 139 tons per hour (TPH).

Project features and benefits:

– Recovers Recyclables from mixed MSW (municipal solid waste) that is currently being sent to a landfill
– COR3 top-line revenue numbers supported by a 100-year contract with a AAA credit-rated State Authority, performance guarantees and guaranteed off takers
– One of the largest of its kind, processing over 139 tons per hour, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week
– Construction has started and the initial permits have been issued
– Construction will be completed and fully commissioned by Q1 2017

Gemini Synergy Center (GSC) in Grove City, Ohio

The Gemini Synergy Center (GSC) is an integrated technology complex that assimilates and makes use of the synergies created by a range of renewable energies, material recovery, and other processing components.
The combination of these technologies and facilities is planned to create sustainable, low-cost, high-revenue margin businesses for renewable energy sales, as well as food product sales. They will take the form of a self-sustaining utility serving a 343.5-acre industrial and business park serviced with renewable electricity, including a Power Substation, thermal heat production, Syngas production, Crude Oil production, Bio Ethanol Production, Bio Diesel production, Jet Fuel production, and methane gas; up to 100% on-site recycling, water supply, water harvesting, and wastewater treatment.

Contact Information:

Ilonka Haugner
Edward Foran
Richard Haugner
Robert S. Hazzard

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