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Jun 14, 2015 3:25 PM ET

Archived: Publishing – Novel “Wild Stag”: My book follows Denise’s Stag wild life, presents a love/drama story and someday I can see it turning into a great movie

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 14, 2015

Publishing – Novel “Wild Stag”

Publishing - Novel "Wild Stag"


“Wild Stag” is a novel that follows Denise’s Stag life and presents a love/drama story which consists about 90 pages (A5 format). It is structured in 3 Chapters and it has about 12.000 words.

The name of the book is not chosen randomly. It represents Denise’s wild life – by using her surname; and in the same time it refers to Mr. Smith.
He is the main male character in the book and he has the reputation of a stag, a single man who has a weakness for all the beautiful women that he encounters. When their lives meet, everything goes wild and they live a unique experience together, something that neither of them had encountered before and that keeps them really close all the way.
Not even the name of the City where the main action takes place, is not chosen by chance. Portmood City represents Denise behavior. It is like the Port of Moods and Denise has a lot of changing moods because she is very insecure and her happiness is always depending on the present men in her life.
Along the way, you can discover that she always goes around in a love triangle; it is like a pattern that keeps on coming back.
First she gets married with the man that her father wanted, so she is trapped into a marriage with her husband and father.
Then she meets Mr. Smith while she was still married and the love triangle reappears in her life, this time with her husband and lover. In the second Chapter she meets Mr. Swade, so soon she is entering in the last love triangle of her life with Mr. Smith and Mr. Swade.
The last Chapter is entitled: The Escape and here you will discover which of the two last men in her life she had chosen, after she took a six months break and traveled to India to rearrange her life. The end of the story is totally unexpected and it keeps the reader in suspense till the last page.

Contact Information:

Emilia Maria Vacaru

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