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Jun 12, 2015 8:27 AM ET

Archived: #OwnTheMedia – Positive News community shares: We love news that inspires us. We know you do too

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 12, 2015

#OwnTheMedia – Positive News community shares

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We love news that inspires us. We know you do too.

For the last 22 years we’ve pioneered journalism that shines a light on kindness, cooperation, creativity and innovation. We’ve brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people and increasingly, we are inspiring other media as well.
But, like every news organisation, we have to adapt. We need to innovate to become sustainable and to meet the growing demand for our journalism. And just like we have pioneered a more positive form of journalism, we are now pioneering a new way to run a media business.
We’re becoming the first crowdfunded global media cooperative; owned by our readers and journalists. And we want you to be part of it!


What’s the story?

By becoming a cooperative and issuing community shares, we aim to raise a minimum of £200,000 to secure and grow Positive News.


Why become a cooperative?

Most of the news media in the UK is owned by a handful of corporations and proprietors. But instead, as a cooperative, Positive News will be owned by hundreds or thousands of people. We will then be ultimately accountable to you, our readers, ensuring that we always report in your interests.

Every shareholder will have an equal vote on things like electing the board of directors who will represent your interests and oversee the operation of the publication, meaning it’s a more democratic form of ownership. And because we are a cooperative, our profits will be reinvested in achieving the aims of Positive News and serving our members.


What do I get?

Most importantly, you get to be a proprietor of the kind of media that you want. Only you will have the right to amend the Positive News Charter, which will govern what our news values are and how we strive to put them into practice.

And, depending on the reward level you choose when you invest, you can get your hands on some amazing extras, including a 100% organic cotton #OwnTheMedia t-shirt (or two!), a ticket to our relaunch party, your name on the supporters’ wall online, a personalised Postive News cover, and even an exclusive breakfast meeting with our Patron Martyn Lewis. Rewards (see full list on the right) are limited, so make sure to get in quick!


How will the money be used?

Your investment will help cover our costs while we expand our core team, develop our new website, relaunch our print publication, and build the audience and the income streams that will sustain us in the long-term.

Although there’s no guarantee we’ll pull it off, we believe this will be the making of Positive News as we move from a niche publication to something much more influential. All we need is you.

Here are the key areas we’ll develop:

– Digital

Build a new cutting-edge website. This will bring you the best quality positive news, including our own premium content and inspiring content from other content partners, presented in the most engaging and interactive way. It will also enable you to be more involved – for example sourcing and contributing news and helping us choose what we report on.

The new website will help us to boost our audience, which will increase our membership and other income such as bringing in more sponsorship and advertising from ethical brands that share our values.

– Print

Relaunch our print publication. Our quarterly newspaper will be replaced by a magazine – a truly inspiring publication presented in a way that reflects the value of our pioneering journalism. It will include a round-up of all the most inspiring positive news items, while focusing on unique features about the leading edge of positive social, economic and environmental change.

As well as going out to all our members, the magazine will be sold in shops to bring in new income.

– New services

Develop new services such as: events featuring inspiring speakers; selling positive content to other organisations; and media training courses.

For more detail, please see our business plan.


Contact Information:

Positive News

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