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Jun 10, 2015 1:00 PM ET

Archived: Spardar Smart Glasses with Real HD Camera: Sleepy reminder + HD camera + Bluetooth = the most cool smart glass…you will love it

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2015

Spardar Smart Glasses with Real HD Camera

Short Summary

Spardar Sunglass Story

One day, we heard that one friend was suffering a serious traffic accident on the highway driving to hometown. He was just 23 years old and dead of fatigue driving.

Searching the internet, nearly 1/5 traffic accidents has been caused by the tiredness while constantly driving for hours. The tragedy really makes people heartbreak.

Thus, we want to change it. This is how Spardar Sunglass comes from.

Sleepy driving reminder

The Spardar Sunglass is applying the GSS (Gravity Sensor System) to feel the gravity changes. When the driver is tired and nodding, it will remind him of “sleepy driving”, with loud sound and alarm. It helps the driver to be calm down at once and aware of their body situation. Drivers can take actions accordingly, which will decrease the accidents greatly. Spardar sunglass is really a fabulous tool for the safe-driving.


Often thick in shape and chunky in appearance, existing sunglass camera or smart sunglass seems functional to users technologically but fall short aesthetically. The Spardar has resolved the problem with the R&D Department several day’s effort.

At 150x34x160mm, the sunglass looks thin and fashion. The simple, stylish design makes it suitable for wear by men and women, for work and leisure.

Photo and camera

Wearing the spardar sunglass, you can take photos randomly for the beauty pictures in your eyes when driving or walking anytime. Enjoy the happy times with friends, you can also take video by spardar and keep it as a forever record.


The Spardar has all the features of Bluetooth, including telephone, music, lighting and GPS. Connecting the smart phone, inserting the earphone, you can accept the telephone or listen to music anytime with hands free anytime. The GPS voice navigation system will help you to direct to the destination without looking at the scene again. The Spardar simplifies our daily life and traveling.


The Spardar sunglass is seamlessly connected with IOS and Android system, making it compatible with most smart watch.

Standby time

In the left side, Spardar has the function of photo taking, camera, doze reminder and PC camera. In the right side, it has the function of Bluetooth, phone, music and GPS. The sparda runs on two 180 mAH batteries, offering a standby time more than 24 hours. Two systems operate individually and are supported by one battery respectively. It’s really power-saving and increasing the standby time for you.

An essential for everyone life

The Spartar sunglasses satisfy the safe-driving and entertainment demand, allowing you to function at your most efficient. Wearing the Sparta is really fashionable and practical for you and your life.


Risks & Challenges

Thickness and appearance

When we are going to add the camera, video, GSM and Bluetooth function into the sunglass, the chipset and battery becomes really a puzzle for us. The chipset and battery has to be big-size with corresponding capacity and function. The chunky and thick appearance seems unchangeable.

Individual system every side

We were committed to make the thin and comfortable sunglass with the excellent material. The R&D department has come up with the fabulous idea- two chipset in two sides with two batteries. The thickness has been greatly reduced with one battery and chipset for one side.

New shape for the battery and chipset

The size of current chipset and battery is still big for the sunglass. We spent months of work and energy into the modifying the model and changing the shape. The size becomes smaller and smaller with the perfect function.

Thanks to intelligent idea, our sunglass becomes light, fashion and comfortable to wear. To achieve the goal, we are researched, modeled and tested our material and system for months until the model is succeeded in function and appearance. We will follow up with the purchasing department and production line closely to guarantee the quality.

Our timeline

Other Ways You Can Help

If you have other plans and don’t contribute, it doesn’t matter. Pls just share our compangin to your friends through the facebook, twitter or others, if you really like it. Thanks for your support in any way.

Contact Information:

Tom Wang

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