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Jun 10, 2015 2:14 PM ET

Archived: Brew, a Pub for Tea: It will have the feel of a pub but instead of offering pints of beer, serve pots of tea

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 10, 2015

Brew, a Pub for Tea


Albion Tea is on a mission to restore prestige to our national drink by converting you to loose-leaf tea. We’re doing this through Brew, a pub for tea, a place with the atmosphere of a pub, but instead of offering pints of beer, serving pots of tea.


Brew will tap into this nation’s love of a cuppa and add a twist by pairing it with alcohol and food. As well as tea, Brew will serve tea cocktails, such as Green Tea Martinis, light food and cakes, matched to the flavours of the teas. Open into the evening, Brew will combine the strengths of a great cocktail bar with the all-day trade of a cafe. 

Albion Tea will also aim to sell teas and the right equipment to make it through an online subscriber service. Brews plan to offer a social as well as financial return by providing work experience and job opportunities for ex-offenders through partnership with charities like Switchback and Bounceback.

Proof of Concept

In December 2014 Albion Tea held a 7 night pop-up. The positive response was overwhelming:

  • 98 email addresses from customers ready to champion Brew.
  • 7 articles including  Time Out and Shortlist magazine.
  • 3 times the Twitter re-tweet rate of one of London’s top performing  social media restaurants.

Note on Financial Snapshot

With successful completion of crowdfunding we should be ready to launch the first Brew in South London, opening this autumn. We aim to build on the first outlet by opening another Brew in East London a year later. Building on the experience of two successful outlets, we plan to raise further finance in 2017 and expand rapidly with directly-owned and franchised outlets across London and other major centres in the UK.

Contact Information:

Alex Holland
Giuseppe Mascoli
lqbal Wahhab
Fiona Grant

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