Jun 8, 2015 1:53 PM ET

Archived: Tessellate Inc. and AltaCarbon to launch first project on the TSL8 Industrial Crowdfunding Market

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 8, 2015

Tessellate Inc

Today, Tessellate Inc. launched the TSL8 industrial crowdfunding market (tsl8.com) to put good ideas that address challenges in Canada’s natural resource sector to work faster. Using open innovation and collaboration models, the TSL8 Market will help innovators get their ideas funded, tested, scaled and commercialized.

The TSL8 Market is a crowdfunding market that offers strategic sourcing opportunities for companies seeking innovations and a novel way for innovators to raise non-dilutive funding.

“For large industrial players, getting access to innovations that address market-identified challenges is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. The TSL8 Market provides a secure way to share industry-defined challenges, recruit innovators, review solutions and invest wisely with potential solution providers” noted Tessellate Inc. co-founder Tom Ogaranko.

Tessellate Inc. is pleased to launch the TSL8 Market with AltaCarbon as it first project. AltaCarbon is a clean-tech manufacturing company with a patented technology that can convert the main by-product of oil sands operations– petroleum coke– into a high demand filtration material called activated carbon. AltaCarbon is raising $30,000 dollars to fund a portion of their stage one scale-up project. The $30,000 will pay for 25% of the total project cost with 75% available through the Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Innovation Voucher program if they reach their funding goal.

“AltaCarbon is clean-tech company and our goal is to clean the world by using dirt. Our plan is to develop our process to industrial scale and build an Alberta based-activated carbon manufacturing plant. We are passionate about building a company that not only creates value for our customers, but also helps to create a sustainable environment” said AltaCarbon CEO, Alvin Xu.

The TSL8 Market will be a place where companies in the resource sector can highlight their performance improvement and/or environmental challenges so that innovators and innovations can come forward with novel technologies and solutions.

For more information or to support AltaCarbon’s project please visit tsl8.com.

Contact Information:

Tessellate Inc.
Dale Austin - daustin@tessellateinc.com;
Direct - 1-613-295-2013
AltaCarbon - Alvin Xu - shaochen@ualberta.ca;
Direct - 1-780-709-4028

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