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Jun 5, 2015 9:39 AM ET

Archived: Linkz IM: Intelligent Marketing

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2015

Linkz IM

Robert Berkeley 1

Robert Berkeley 2


As consumers use smartphones to engage with the world around them, Linkz delivers them relevant customised content. Simply by scanning a label, packaging or catalogue page, consumers gain easy access to relevant information – enhancing their experience of the product and making it easier for marketers to engage with them. By using invisible watermarks as well as barcodes  and QR codes, Linkz can be used on almost any image or medium to link consumers from the tangible product to bespoke digital content.

Linkz lets brands manage mobile interactive campaigns in one place. Interest from leading retailers and brands in our system underscores the potential of smartphones engaging with products and making purchases. Furthermore, Linkz gives brands the potential to achieve real cost savings by allowing them to say more while reducing the amount of packaging or advertising space needed.

We provide an online system that helps marketers create, manage and measure campaigns that use digital codes represented in print via marks like QR codes, bar-codes and invisible watermarks. Consumers use a free smartphone app to scan these invisible marks and access relevant information and options when they want it.

For marketers Linkz is designed to be very easy to use, low cost and to provide superb analytics tracking. Linkz allows them to create a mobile microsite (website especially suitable for smartphones) for their customers, which can be highly personalised.

Examples of how Linkz can be used:

A consumer uses their smartphone to interact with a food-packaging label for:

  • Real-time information on food origin, nutritional or allergens;
  • Recipe ideas and videos showing how to prepare the food;
  • Options to download a discount voucher to use at the till;
  • Join or be rewarded by loyalty programmes.

A consumer reading a catalogue points their smartphone at the relevant section to:

  • See full product specifications;
  • Access a 3D rendering or assembly / maintenance video;
  • Read or watch testimonials and other consumer reviews;
  • Automatically complete warranties or buy consumables.

Loyalty programmes can use Linkz to allow consumers to easily participate in promotions:

  • Share, like, tweet with social media;
  • Join schemes;
  • Collect and report on loyalty points;
  • Redeem and see special offers. 


Why is Linkz better?

  • Linkz is designed to be low-cost, quick to set up and not to require the involvement of IT or external agencies to use.
  • It’s safe and easy for consumers to use.
  • We believe most scannable marks (Quick Response (QR) codes, bar codes) are ugly and take up a lot of space, or they require specialised, time consuming and expensive support (Blippar, Aurasma). Linkz-enabled marketing campaigns use invisible marks (though are able to track other marks as well) and can be updated quickly and easily, making the digital content truly dynamic and relevant.
  • Our research tells us that many QR-reader apps feature advertising and may show ads for competing brands or inappropriate content.
  • We also know that alternatives don’t give the marketer deep insight into how many people scanned, when and where.
  • Linkz is designed to greatly simplifycampaign management systems by automating the creation of mobile-optimised content and advanced, detailed data tracking. We are not aware of any system currently on the market that delivers all this.


Who are our customers?

Anyone that wants a much improved way of communicating with their customers can use Linkz. To reach brands (both large and small) we have partnerships with packaging and marketing services organisations, distributors and design & creative agencies. Our clients already include a loyalty scheme, construction firm, brand owners, agencies, a charity and publishers.


How do we make money?

The Linkz business model is to charge modest set up fees, with small incremental amounts for the creation of the invisible marks, mobile sites and data tracking. After that we charge ongoing monthly fees for hosting, licence and support, giving future repeat revenues. We also offer Linkz as a paid-for managed service for marketers who want to tap into our expertise.


What have we achieved so far? 

Linkz has grown from an idea into a company with small, but growing regular revenues and a massive potential to expand. 

Our commercial efforts have been focused on building partnerships with marketing services organisations, packaging companies, and design & creative agencies. We have distributors in the UK, USA, India, Scandinavia and Italy.

A significant part of the technology development time has been spent on workflow and system architecture to create a ‘best in class’ technical solution. Milestones include:

  • Technology licences secured where required
  • Release of various iOS and Android app versions in response to developing market requirements and conditions;
  • We are in talks with a top 4 uk retailer
  • Release of the client portal where clients can set-up and update campaigns, as well as track and analyse user date;
  • US patent application registered (can take up to two years to complete), with UK/European registration planned.

Current interesting projects include: 

  • Linkz-activated posters for Balfour Beatty, that inform and engage the general public about building projects;
  • Berlitz use Linkz to connect their brochures with on-line information and course booking system;
  • MyGreenSquares, a loyalty scheme who have selected Linkz as a partner for client activation.


Contact Information:

Robert Berkeley
Tim Smith

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