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Jun 5, 2015 1:48 PM ET

Archived: Kung Fury, a crowdfunded movie, is released in Youtube

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2015

Hillarious movie is an example of a successful crowfund campaign

Kung Fury, a crowdfunded movie by Laser Unicorns from Sweden is now live on Youtube. The project was successful on Kickstarter after raising more than $630,000 out of a $200,000 goal. A great achievement for a project that included its main product, the movie itself, to be public, something that reduces the appeal of the rewards.

The campaign success shows how crowdfund is a good way to raise money for entertainment projects, such as movies, music and games. If you have a project on this line, don’t wait any longer. By browsing iCrowdNewsWire blog and by hiring our services, you can also make your campaign successful. David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider and Baywatch promoted the movie with a song (True Survivor), based on cutscenes from the movie, such as the one where a cop car is thrown into the air after a kick on a skateboard.

While obviously produced on a small budget, the action comedy movie is actually pretty hilarious. The complicated plot has Kung Fury, a 1980’s Miami cop whose mission is to travel back in time to kill Hitler (Kung Führer) after the dictator traveled in time and gunned the chief of police down by using a cell phone. The absurdities follow all through the movie. Kung Fury’s trip takes him to Asgard during the Viking times, where he must find his way out of that time to go to 1940s Germany and accomplish his mission. After riding a dinosaur, he ends up helped by Thor himself who draws a gate in order for him to get to Germany. While entering the gate, a Viking female warrior tries to persuade him to stay, but Kung Fury gives her his phone number and a 1980’s revolutionary telephone with the ability to call through time, so they could keep in touch.

Featuring many CGI-powered cutscenes and a good cast of actors along with an 80’s soundtrack, the movie will certainly make you laugh.

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