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Jun 5, 2015 2:18 PM ET

Archived: Copy and paste your own customised watch

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 5, 2015

New crowdfunding campaign makes it easy to customise your own 3D printed fashion watch. It allows you to fully customise the strap through the copy and paste of images online. You can impress your friends with your creativity and become your own swatch watch designer.


3D printing for consumers generated a sense of astonishment back in 2014. You could create and customise your own objects. It was hyped up to be the Next Big Thing.

But soon reality took over and consumers realised that 3D printing was too difficult to adopt. You had to have prior knowledge in 3D modelling. And other than toys and trinkets, what was consumer 3D printing good for?

People became disillusioned. Something was missing.


A company called Tenvas hopes to fill this gap. It wants to make 3D printing as easy to use as copy and paste. But what would you 3D print?

3D printing’s strength is creating an object from your imagination. It’s weakness is the range of materials it can print with. It can’t 3D print functional objects like circuity and batteries. Not yet anyway.


Tenvas and a few 3D printing companies like Normal have found a way around this limitation. It’s mixing 3D printed and mass manufactured parts in a product.

Normal allows you to customise your ear-buds. You can customise it to suit your ear canal. It utilises 3D printed parts and mass manufactured circuitry for audio.

Similarly, Tenvas allows you to 3D print your watch or at least the watch strap. The watch’s functional parts such as quartz and battery are still mass manufactured.

You can use 3D printing to customise the watch strap in full colour. They also provide a web site to customise the watch strap. You can choose from their images or upload your own images. You can copy and paste images onto a 3D model of your watch and have it 3D printed.

When asked why should users 3D print their watches. Damien Chow, CEO of Tenvas replied: “We believe that everyone can be creative if given the right tools and confidence. We wanted our users to experience that sense of fulfillment through customising their own trendy 3D printed watches”

In their crowdfunding video, they mention that a 3D printed watch makes a great gift.  Especially, if you spend the time and effort to customise it. It is also a fashion statement piece if you put your favourite motifs and images on it. Cat lovers would love to design their own cat memes on this watch.

Tenvas is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and have hit 20% of their target after two days. You can watch their crowdfunding video and visit their campaign page here


About Tenvas:

Tenvas creates trendy fashion watches. Customize the size, color and pattern of your watch. Impress someone important by customising your own personal time piece. Tenvas uses the latest 3D printing technology to make this possible. They are a startup based in Singapore and founded in 2014 by three entrepreurs. The company’s main product is an online customisation tool that allows you to customise 3D printed watches.








Youtube channel:

Online tool to customise your watch


Video on how to customise your watch




Contact Information:

Contact Person:
Damien Chow
CEO \ Co-founder

Email: damien.chow@tenvas.com
skype: chowdamien

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