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Jun 4, 2015 2:08 PM ET

Archived: Tennis Resorts LLC One-of-a-Kind Tennis Experience at the Heart of Disney World

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015


Tennis Resorts LLC

One-of-a-Kind Tennis Experience at the Heart of Disney World


Tennis Resorts is the exclusive operator and licensee of the existing tennis complex at the heart of Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports campus, located in sunny Orlando, FL.  

Our mission: provide Orlando-bound tennis enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind tennis experience, featuring professional-grade tennis facilities and vacation packages to sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes alike, offering great tennis coupled with access to Disney theme parks.

The Tennis Resorts team is excited to be bringing this beautiful but long underutilized tennis facility back to life with travel vacation packages, camps for young players and families and special events. Say hello to the perfect, timeless tennis experience catered specifically to your needs and abilities. 


Right in the midst of one of the most popular recreational centers in the world lies a highly sophisticated, professional-grade tennis facility that, for years now, has been underutilized. 


In fact, this tennis facility was built specifically for professional use: it hosted the US Clay Court Championships of 1997-2000. Yet, once the competition moved to Houston, little activity and interest remained. 

There are over 350,000 athletes participating in various sports on the campus of Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports annually.  We plan on injecting life back into the tennis facility––in an area that is already booming with energy and interest. We will finally allow each and every tennis enthusiast to have their very own unique “Disney tennis” experience that is unattainable elsewhere.

We are able to provide a wide variety of accommodations to meet the needs of our guests as we have access to all Disney hotels and properties.  The closest to the property, situated in this bustling hotbed of activity, features 4 hotels––which are a 5-minute trolley from Magic Kingdom, one of the most fun places on earth––and a variety of other amenities to ensure your experience is both remarkable and easy. 

No matter what type of experience you are seeking related to tennis, you can find it here at its best. With our prime location and incredible amenities, we offer a wide variety of opportunities to engage in tennis, whether you are an enthusiast, serious competitor, or looking for a memorable, carefree experience. 


At Tennis Resorts, we plan on offering a completely unique tennis experience coupled with access to all that Disney has to offer.  With our 10 courts, 1,000 seat stadium, great Disney hotels, and unlimited tennis, you have all the amenities you could dream of right at your fingertips.  Our goal is to make arrangements for our guests to enjoy a great tennis experience as well as all the magic of Disney.  

Our facilities consists of 10 Har-Tru clay courts, which are incredibly popular at Disney because of their easy maintenance and low-impact on bodily joints. Furthermore, clay courts are great surfaces for juniors to practice on, and they are used widely in the U.S. for club lessons and tournaments.

We offer vacation packages to tennis enthusiasts from around the world––a one-of-a-kind experience that includes accommodation at the finest Disney resorts and hotels. We will coordinate and direct tournaments, clinics, and social activities for a wide range of people, including your co-workers, league players or club members, offering you a priceless tennis experience. 

We have access to 4 hotels on-site that are a mere 5 minute trolley ride from Magic Kingdom, ensuring you are never too far from the fun.  In addition we have full booking power to every hotel and resort on the Disney campus so that you have access to everything you could normally receive when booking a trip––with the added bonus of being on our tennis complex.   

We have a wide range of opportunities depending on how you want to experience our tennis resort. Looking for purely instruction? No problem. Socially competitive? We have single and doubles round-robin mixers. Wish you could participate in a camp to cultivate your skills? We have you covered. 

Our Nike Tennis Camp is a training program for 11-18 year old competitive athletes who are looking to improve their mental game and on-court performance. Celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, our camp has been continually offering daily instruction from experienced staff, 6 hours of daily on-court play, fun off-court activities for overnight campers in order to drastically enhance the performance of each and every young tennis enthusiast. 

Does your family love to learn together? Our family camps are offered at the same time as our Nike Tennis Camps, allowing family members to participate together. No age or ability is disqualified from our camp and you can participate in either a full or half-day program, depending on your needs and expectations. Want to cater your family tennis camp to your own family? Now you can: we offer customized family packages to ensure that the specific abilities of your family are actively taken into consideration. 

We offer all-inclusive vacation packages including accommodation, meal plans and park tickets. Looking for a short trip? Or, want to get away for a whole week? Our packages are sold for 3, 4 or 7 days, depending on the time you have to spare. 
We have unlimited court time based on daily availability and promise to make every effort to provide court reservations as you requested. Now you have right at your fingertips unlimited tennis, Disney park experience and meal plans, ESPN WWOS admissions, and the proximity to the land where dreams come true: Disney World.
With all of the Disney World amenities and parks at your disposal––including all of the incredible resorts, restaurants, attractions and services––you can now experience the sport of tennis like never before. Our all-inclusive experience that is available for each and every level of player allows you to improve your game through various instructional programs and packages while being right at the center of Disney style fun. 


We realize the value of engaging with social media in order to get the word out there about our company, so we regularly use Twitter and have a growing number of followers. We also have a fully-functioning website that features a multilingual capacity to be viewed in not only English, but Spanish and Portuguese, which caters to the global interest in tennis and reveals our ability to reach large, varied demographics.

Our easy-to-use website with information ranging from Orlando’s weather to our background to how to book a package, in combination with our social media presence, allows us to easily communicate with our customers and generate the talk and interest necessary to get us off the ground.

We have had our fair share of public face time: in Nov. 2014 we co-hosted the USTA Collegiate Clay Court tournament at the Disney ESPN WWOS’ tennis facility complex. The tournament was a resounding success, having been broadcasted on ESPN3, which in itself attracted substantial publicity and awareness.

Such successes reveals our ability to connect with an incredibly diverse pool of people––from young students seeking to improve their skill to international Disney-goers who want a piece of the fun.

And such an expansive reach has proven its success in revenue: we have raised $120,000 in private startup capital, already nearly half of our $250,000 goal. Through advanced marketing and enhancing our publicity, we hope to continue to acquire revenue in order to really get our company off the ground running.


Carlos has been involved in nearly every sector of the tennis industry. Once a leading Brazilian player, he transformed his personal interest in tennis into a professional coaching career, becoming one of the world’s top coaches. He has run and managed the Nike “Tournament Tough” junior tennis camps for the past 30 years. Carlos helped to develop Seabrook Island’s tennis resort––one of the top 25 tennis resorts in the nation––and plans on harnessing this priceless experience with developing and marketing the sport to a wide audience. Not only is Goffi incredibly familiar with the sport, but he has actually coached many renowned players, such as John McEnroe, his brother Patrick McEnroe and also Peter Fleming. Yet, his coaching career values the growth and potential of young, aspiring players as well: through his Nike Junior camps, he mentors and works with a variety of promising players. 

Dave, who oversees all legal and marketing matters, is a former nationally ranked junior tennis player. Like Carlos, Dave used his intimacy with tennis to bring first-hand experience to his job: he is a former IMG executive who has successfully done marketing for big name players such as John McEnroe, Chris Evert and Peter Fleming. He has also worked on endorsements for clients and sponsorships with Gatorade, McDonalds and Rolex among many others. 

Peter is responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of Tennis Resorts operations, and brings with him over 20 years fo experience in the financial services industry in a variety of roles. He has worked with both institutional clients and private wealth clients across the US.  Peter also spent time working in the insurance industry within the M Financial Group to help structure deals for affluent private clients.  Peter earned his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and has an MBA from Notre Dame. 

Contact Information:

Carlos Goffi
Dave Gorman
Peter Hendrick

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