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Jun 4, 2015 7:53 AM ET

Archived: MyRadio, Inc. – Advertising Platform Reaching a Mass Audience or Geo-Targeted Area

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 4, 2015



MyRadio, Inc.

Advertising Platform Reaching a Mass Audience or Geo-Targeted Area


MyRadio is an innovative digital media outlet that provides targeted, affordable audio advertising for retailers, service companies, local businesses, and events. 

We offer block, local, regional and national advertisers with a network of in-store radio stations that allows them to reach their target audience – all for a fraction of the cost of comparable advertising solutions. 

The result: MyRadio turns traditional radio advertising on its head, scales it down, and personalizes it to come up with a more localized, more effective and more affordable solution that delivers real results.


MyRadio is shaking things up in the radio advertising world. We are offering an economical, micro-targeted, long-term, and sustainable advertising outlet for business owners that saves them money, and even gives them additional revenue!

We have secured a patent for our Block Level Marketing platform, which allows us to produce hundreds of thousands of unique radio stations, manage the content, and advertising hourly and for every installed device.

MyRadio’s retail music service is already complete and is in fact well received nationwide. It is currently installed in 11 states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. We also have pending installations in Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, and North Carolina. 

Companies that have adopted MyRadio into their nationwide establishments are franchise groups such as Shell Gas Stations, Fantastic Sam’s Hair Salons, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, The UPS Store, and Subway restaurants.

We have also sold advertising to many notable companies, nationally, regionally, locally, and by block. Our advertisers include Allstate Insurance agents, Jackson Hewitt, and a number of colleges and universities across the country.



The media landscape has evolved dramatically over the space of a few short years, thanks in large part to the rise of digital media. 

But despite advances in technology and competition with other media, and digital media in particular, the power of radio advertising is still very much alive today. Radio ads have stood their ground, being more creative, more attention-grabbing, and more powerful than ever.

The only problem is, if you’re a small business, you can’t afford placing these radio ads. Ads can go as low as $2000, but it still depends on your production cost, talent, placement, and so many other factors.

At MyRadio, we’re making it our mission to make radio advertising efficient, effective and affordable, so you and your business can go back to enjoying the benefits. 


MyRadio provides a new way for you to use the power of radio to make your customers buy from you, or get new customers to come into your store.

MyRadio is the first and only solution specially designed so small businesses in local communities can utilize the power of radio advertising that was once only possible for large companies and national corporations.


MyRadio offers an affordable way for small businesses to increase foot traffic by placing radio ads on radio networks of neighboring businesses. We offer a revolutionary way for you to target the most viable market by playing ads to an audience that are already in the transaction process and within your immediate vicinity.

Block Level Marketing allows strip malls, commercial centers, and downtown regions to become more vibrant shopping areas by:

  • First: capitalizing on the people already eating and shopping in the vicinity by providing geo-targeted ads that attract them to nearby establishments
  • Second: generating more foot traffic for participating businesses

MyRadio is different from traditional radio advertisements because of our unique features

  • customized playlists and talk shows that suit your business
  • geotargeted  ads that are played in high-traffic areas within your vicinity
  • businesses are actually paid for playing MyRadio—so having audio within your establishment changes from being an expense to an actual revenue!

And if that’s not all, our in-store radio plays background and foreground music and audio—a format that benefits local businesses, whether they’re advertisers or MyRadio subscribers.

You can advertise to a specific demographic or area (state, city, block, or store)
You can advertise in multiple languages within  your specific demographic
You can almost instantly change or update your ads

We’re affordable! MyRadio ads start at $1 per ad and gets cheaper based on term or volume
We offer monthly Block Level Packages between $100 and $200 to play ads every 30 minutes

  • You become part of a Local MyRadio business network that helps each other in promoting your businesses. We take care of the music licenses so you don’t have to do the work
  • Best of all, installation of our MyRadio system takes just a few minutes, at no cost!


Duncan is a 25-year veteran in sales, marketing, and customer management. Prior to founding MyRadio, he was Co-Founder of LifeLock, an identity theft prevention service. He also spent 5 years with AT&T leading business sales and marketing activities.

He founded MyRadio during the economic downturn where more small businesses are closing down than are being opened. MyRadio is his answer to small businesses needing a new platform from which to promote their business and compete locally.

He graduated from the Northern Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Darren’s expertise was in the corporate IT world, where he specialized in network growth strategies and implementation for small to medium sized companies growing through market share domination and company acquisitions. In 2005, he left the IT space and invested in projects throughout the United States and Asia.

For MyRadio, he leads all technology-related activities and has built the platform used in running their music services and ad delivery service.


Contact Information:

Neal Duncan
Darren Love

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