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Archived: MITCHELL TORRES – HIGH JUMP: to compete across the country this summer

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I am a 21 year old student athlete attending the University of Guelph. I study Human Kinetics with a minor in Marketing Management and I am a captain of the Gryphons Varsity Track and Field team, who were the Ontario Champions this year. I am going into my 4th year of University and only my 4th year of competitive track and field. I went to school at Albert College in Belleville, Ontario where I was lucky to have teachers and volunteers who introduced me to high jump at young age. Since starting university in Guelph I improved dramatically and won multiple individual Ontario Championships, as well as several university team titles at the provincial and national level. With your help I hope to continue my training through the summer and improve to get a chance to become a member of the national funding program. I also hope to lead the Gryphons to another successful University season and eventually compete for the Canada at international competitions.

My main need for funding is to allow me to travel and compete at meets across the country this summer. Gas, hotel, meet entry fees and other travel expenses must be covered in advance in order for me to compete. The national track and field championships this year are being held in Edmonton. This is a very expensive trip, but also a crucial meet for me to perform well at if I hope to get government funding to help with my training during the school year.

Some donations will also go towards buying equipment, nutritional supplements and medical care to allow me to train and perform at my best all season.

I fundraised with this program last summer and had a very successful campaign. I raised enough money to allow me to train all summer and compete at the national meet in Moncton, New Brunswick. In the past I was an alternate for the Quest for Gold program, which is a government run program to provide funds to developing athletes. Being an alternate meant I did not receive any financial compensation, but if I compete well at the provincial and national championships this year I may be able to move up into a funded position.

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