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Jun 2, 2015 8:12 AM ET

Archived: Jet Lag Cures From A Flight Attendant: a healthy method of beating jet lag

iCrowdNewswire - Jun 2, 2015

Jet Lag Cures From A Flight Attendant

About the project

Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and keep your mind active” – this was the mantra drummed into me on my British Airways training course 16 years ago. How times have changed! Globalisation, technology, geopolitics and the environment make it a different flying environment today. Those well intentioned words are no longer enough.

We need better tools – This book is a guide from a flight attendant who is a nutritional therapist, a frequent flier and who averages 10,000 flying miles every week. It is a how to manual borne of the writer’s need to stay jet lag free and from his experience of building a healthy flying clinic for frequent fliers. 



– I can safely recommend Chris to anyone looking to improve their physical and mental performance while travelling. On a trip to Australia I took onboard Chris’s suggestions and guidance which made a difference to speeding up my recovery abroad and at home. I have since tapped into Chris’s knowledge and positive outlook to utilise his expertise on a day to day basis which any business traveller can easily use – Steve Borys, Cabin Service Director.

– As a student nutritional therapist and air cabin crew, Christopher has helped me greatly in both fields. He has provided me with expert help and advice in developing my role as a student, and additionally in my role as air cabin crew by recommeding how I can improve and preserve my health. Christopher is professional and his knowledge exceptional. I most definitely recommend his services – Carolina King, Flight Attendant.


What Makes This Book Different?

  • It teaches the proprietary P.H.A.R.E Well System of healthy flying and jet lag elimination.
  • It redefines the definition of jet lag instead of limiting it to sleep deprivation and the body clock.
  • It shows the flier how to build their own tool kit for use on the road.
  • It puts healthy flying in the context of the global economy we live in for real world solutions.
  • It leverages knowledge and expertise of real intensive frequent fliers – crew and pilots.

The book Be A Better Flier (working title) teaches a system anyone with an intensive flying schedule can adopt, moreover it teaches a healthy method of beating jet lag at a time with so many unhealthy cures for jet lag that don’t really work. It is also useful for the ocassional flier as it teaches fundamental principles of healthy flying.


The Jet Lag Interview

A short interview about some of the challenges and solutions jet lag poses to frequent and not so frequent fliers. Suggestions and pointers on what to do to arrive well. Click the link to see the full video.



The manuscript for the book is written. The publisher (co-operative publishing) has endorsed it enthusiastically, all that remains is to design and print it. Funds raised here are to meet part of the publication costs, total costs are £5000. The final manuscript goes to the publisher 22nd of June and the book is expected out in November 2015.


The Mission of this Book

The mission of this book is to change the way we fly by putting healthy flying front and center. Jet lag needs a new conversation and it needs it now as too many people, relationships, businesses bottom lines are suffering because of the toll jet lag has on energy productivity and effectiveness. When all the travelling is done its all about presence, are you present enough to enjoy that vacation, celebrate with family and friends, close that business deal or make that vital good impression, if you’re jet lagged on arrival it can be an uphill struggle. Wherever you go P.H.A.R.E Well.

Contact Information:

Christopher Babayode

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