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May 29, 2015 7:30 AM ET

Archived: Parkable by Stickables: Fancy new cars come with parking sensors: for the rest of us, there’s Stickables

iCrowdNewswire - May 29, 2015

Parkable by Stickables

Fancy new cars come with parking sensors: for the rest of us, there’s Stickables.
Pedro Barreira

Fancy new cars come with parking sensors: for the rest of us, there’s Stickables.

Parkable is a wireless parking sensor that you stick to your car and works with your smartphone, with no wiring, batteries, chargers or cables.

With the app installed, you can see a visual representation of your car parking with the distance to the obstacles, just listen to the audio cues (works great if the phone is paired with the car’s audio) or just feel the vibration in your pocket.

The Parkable even works on trailers for boats, bikes, caravans and other types of vehicles.

Easy to install in minutes, no maintenance required!

We ship the devices with built-in batteries that are estimated to last up to 2-3 years with no maintenance, since our goal is to have an all-resistant, rubber contained device.

What We Need & What You Get

We have been working on our technology for almost one year, developing the required tools for long-battery life, custom electronics and reliable and low power smart Bluetooth. Not only that, but also the Apps for iPhones, Androids and Windows Phones.

The current prototype covers all the features we wanted and the next step is making it into production: that’s where your help comes in.

The Impact

A lot of fancy new cars come with parking sensors: for the rest of us, there’s Stickables. 
Technology empowers people and we want to bring that to as many people as possible, not just new cars or expensive extras.

With the launch of Parkable we are able to continue to develop new ideas to help you in your travels, bringing modern features to every car.

We are confident we can bring  convenience and safety for everyone in cars and around them.

And with your help, we can do it!



Meet the team

Stickables was founded with the idea that the devices should be as easy to install as they are to use, with a one step installation of “just stick” the devices where they are needed and never worry about them again.

Our strong engineering background, both in software and in hardware enables us to deliver on that idea, with heavy focus on the user experience which is what motivates us to make the best devices possible.

We have been developing auto projects for 10 years, having started with putting small computers and touchscreens in cars (also known as CarPCs), long before smartphones and cheap GPS navigation systems were affordable, so we are no strangers to bringing computing to cars.

The creative side of our team, composed of industrial designers and marketeers always glimpse the best way to make visually appealing products that are adaptable to various car models while maintaining full functionality and simplicity.

Silva is the mad hatter of the industrial design – Just give him the facts, the facts! Then let him go to his happy place, his creative bubble so he can work his kind of wonderland magic.

Ana is the “girly-yet-not-too-girly” behind all the non-electrical stuff. Give her Content marketing, HR management, Design and Creativity and all the other things she can turn into something pretty and useful.

Pedro is an ingenious multi-tasker. Seeing him work is like watching a hyperactive bumblebee getting things perfectly executed.

André is a mix of Ninja and a mad genius. Some even call him a Ninjius.

The Journey

Since the first sketch almost a year ago, we’ve been iterating to find the design that best serves our initial concept: Make a full featured wireless parking assistant, with no installation and no maintenance, that can “stick” to most cars:


Risks & Challenges

We have validated all of the technology involved and have multiple working prototypes, designed with production in mind (components selection, electrical design, etc…).

However, to meet specifications, such as distancing range, battery life and reliability, while also ensuring production level quality at the target price is always risky, but through our design choices and the use of common parts, we have mitigated these risks as much as we can.

Our rugged rubber design mitigates a lot of the common production risks involved in devices made for harsh environments, where they must endure rain, sun, ice and even impacts.



1. How can I contribute to the campaign? 

Anyone can contribute. You just need to have a PayPal account to pay the perk. If you do not have a PayPal account but have a credit card, you can use the “Pay as guest” feature in PayPal.

2. How do you use the Parkable if there are no wires and displays/speakers?

Parkable works with your smartphone using our free app.

3. How does the app work when parking?

The app can be used in your preferred way, as it will show the closest distance in text and in graphical representation, it will use sound warnings similar to the ones in typical parking sensors, and will also vibrate warnings similar to the sound ones, so you can even keep your phone in your pocket or purse.

4. How does the Parkable connect to my phone?

With our free app, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (part of the Bluetooth 4.0 specification), available in most modern smartphones.

Please notice no Internet or data-plan is required!

5. Which phones are supported??

iPhone: 4S and newer.
Android: Most recent Android devices such as Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 and most devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 4.3 and newer.
Windows Phone: devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Windows 8.1 should work, tested compatibility will be announced soon.


6. How come there are no wires and no battery recharging?

We ship the devices with built-in batteries that are estimated to last up to 2-3 years with no maintenance, since our goal is to have an all-resistant, rubber contained device.

7. Does the app start automatically when I start parking?

Yes, as long as you keep the Bluetooth on, we have this feature working in Android already and plan to implement the same features in iOS and Windows Phone.

8. Will this drain my phone’s battery?

Bluetooth Low Energy was designed to avoid being a power hog and modern smartphones can have bluetooth on all day with minimal effect on the battery.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can always support us by sharing our Indiegogo campaign with your friends!

If you think someone you know may be interested, help us help them.

– Don’t let them suffer through parking accidents;
– Don’t let them waste money on expensive aftermarket kits;
– Don’t let them stress with complicated installations.
 Now let’s start “Sticking” this brand into peoples’ minds (and cars)!

Our sincere thanks for your support – The Stickables Team

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