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May 28, 2015 12:00 PM ET

IGY Immune Technologies – Innovative Solutions for Immune Health

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015


IGY Immune Technologies

Innovative Solutions for Immune Health


At IGY Life Sciences, we believe that science has the power to enhance the human immune system through antibody-based solutions that improve healthcare, nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being.

Using our proprietary breakthrough technology, we created Vector450, an immune health product for faster recovery and higher endurance for performance athletes. The key ingredient in Vector450 is Muno-IgY, a highly purified natural immunoglobulin protien found in egg yolks.


Casual fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, or a high-intensity performance athletes, all know that keeping their immune system in optimum shape is a number one priority.

However, there are times when training takes its toll and the body wears out from overtraining: a condition where the training volume and intensity exceeds the threshold of the body’s natural capacity to recover.

Overtraining causes the immune system to deteriorate, leaving one vulnerable to fatigue, illness, brain fog, and overall poor performance—a perfect storm  when in competition. 

Athletes constantly seek solutions that protect against the effects of overtraining while allowing them to reach their fitness goals, such as turning to sports drinks, sports bars, protein powders, and many other supplements. 


The protein located in egg yolk has been proven to be the most effective supplement for athletes and non-athletes alike to maintain peak health and performance as it supports the innate immune system which is responsible for rapid recovery times, wound healing and reducing exercise induced muscle inflammation.The yolk contains immunoglobulin or IgY for short.

 At IGY Life Sciences, we have developed technology that allows us to extract IgY at its purest form and create Muno-IgY, the base ingredient for Vector450.

Vector450 repairs the damage done by overexertion by supporting the immune system, providing health and wellness benefits including:

  • Improved stamina
  • Increased anaerobic power
  • Decreased submaximal heart rate
  • Shorter exercise recovery time
  • Faster muscle repair
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved immune balance

Vector450 is the premier and singular IgY product in the market that is up to 50% pure. Previously, IgY was only available in powdered whole-egg, with less than 3% IgY by content. Muno-IgY is tasteless and odorless, and without the residual egg fat and cholesterol associated with whole-egg IgY. 

Vector450 is an all-natural nutraceutical essential for helping athletes maintain a strong immune system, the key to optimum performance in training and competition, despite rigourous physical and mental demands.


Many people have seen athletes consuming raw eggs prior to training.

Naturally, and in their raw form, it is true that hen’s eggs do provide a great boost of protein necessary for replenishing the body and promoting fast recovery.

However, raw eggs contain fat and cholesterol, not to mention potential health risks. 

Vector450’s Muno-IgY works inside the digestive system, the first line of defense against disease and pathogens. The gastrointestinal tract is where 75% of pathogens enter the body and cause disease. Vector450 permeates the gastrointestinal lining with Muno-IgY proteins that bind to harmful invaders before taking hold in the body, eventually eliminating them from the system. IgY deals with the pathogens in the gut microbiome and reduces the risks associated with leaky gut syndrome: caused by over-stress, a leaky-gut will release endotoxins through the gut wall and into the body. At that point, the immune system has to work overtime to repair the systemic damage. 


Since our launch in 2012, Vector450 is the only product on the market that is approved by Health Canada as an antibody based supplement.

Vector450 has also sponsored pro-triathletes, starting with 11-time Kona age grouper, Patrick Schuster, in 2013. Schuster used Vector450 and within a year,word spread and our sponsored team grew to 12 pro triathletes. All 12 felt the benefits of Vector450 with amazing results: In 2014, they completed 130 races, with 55 top ten finishes, and 11 podiums with 8 wins, 21 top 3 slots, and a 2nd place in the IRONMAN World Championships. The group also accounted for 8 course and run records.

Many other professional athletes have added Vector450 to their training regime, including Shannon Rempel (Canadian Olympic Speed Skater), Rosanna Crawford (Canadian Olympic Biathlete), Rob Bagg (Wide Receiver for Canadian Football League), Eric Wolcott (CXC Cross-Country Elite Skier), Bill Pierce (CXC Cross Country Skiing Elite Coach), Morris Brossette (Triathlete, Multi-Sport Coach, and Holistic Nutritionist), as well as 51-time Ironman pro Meredith Kessler.


“As a professor of exercise science, I understand how a strenuous event like an IRONMAN will compromise one’s immune system. To be able to race 4 IRONMAN’s in 6 months without any trace of illness is remarkable”

– Matt Hanson, Triathlete

“I owe a lot of it to Vector450. It made me feel like I was 31 again.”

– 41-year-old Richie Cunningham upon hitting the podium four times and winning two 70.3 distant events in Ironman

“The key to improvement as an athlete is consistently and the key to consistency is health! Vector450 is my key to keeping my immune system healthy and keeping me in the pool and on the road.”

– Chris McDonald, Pro-Triathlete, Coach and Owner of Team BSR

“Vector450 is my secret weapon.”

– Ben Hoffman, Triathlete


IGY Life Sciences is comprised of a dynamic and growing multidisciplinary management team that brings years of corporate experience and expertise in technology commercialization, new-product design, research and development, marketing and finance in both the private and public sector.

Terry Dyck
President and CEO

Terry Dyck is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in business development and finance. His focus is directly on driving sales through science and innovation.

Nadia LaRussa

Nadia LaRussa currently owns and operates seven successful businesses and manages the accounts for many more with a team of accountants. Her role as part-time CFO of a start-up is well suited to her entrepreneurial spirit and personal drive to succeed.

John Mason

Where numerous pharmaceutical companies had failed to develop a method to extract IgY from yolk, John Mason invented the only commercially viable method in the world. Innovative and dedicated, he began with a vision that is now reality.

David Mason
Plant Manager

David Mason developed his skills as the foremost expert in IgY extraction over the past twenty-years. His knowledge of protein extraction from eggs has placed him in high demand by the largest egg companies in the world. During the growth stages of our company, Mason has been consulting in the industry.

Jeff Stubbings
Quality Control

Jeff Stubbings bridges both arenas of industrial entrepreneur and government bureaucrat. With years of senior management expertise in government, he has an eye for process, detail and logistics.

Trevor Dyck
VP Home Brands

Trevor Dyck, a former pilot and commercial real-estate salesman, left the industry to develop his career as Director of US Business Development with Vector450 . Big thinking and connected, Trevor helped to developed Vector450 sales from ground zero to the signing of a $4M contract with PhD Nutrition.

Jit Mistry
Director of Marketing

Jit Mistry comes to IGY Life Sciences with decades of sales, marketing brand development expertise in the financial services industry. He manages all aspects of the design, development & branding strategy of all corporate and home brand print and digital collateral and advertising. He also actively manages home brands product development including conceptualizations, specifications and budgeting, brand identity and positioning, messaging, labeling and packaging design in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Contact Information:

Terry Dyck
Nadia LaRussa
John Mason
David Mason
Jeff Stubbings
Trevor Dyck
Jit Mistry

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