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May 28, 2015 11:21 AM ET

Archived: GEKKOPOD – The World’s Most Flexible Mount – “I am the mount for your smartphones, GoPros and cameras!… YES FINALLY!”

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015


The inspiration for my design came directly from nature. This design allows me to be lightweight, unbelievably durable and most of all, multi-functional.

I’m flexible, portable, lightweight, universal and most importantly lovable. Attach me to any of your precious devices and let’s start having fun!

After you position me you can adjust my head in any angle you like!

I will come with you everywhere!

 I’m made of 80% food grade silicon and 20% metal, bend me easily to any shape and I will stay in that form!

 “I am a photography enthusiast, I have owned many types of tripods and mounts for my cameras and smartphones, but none of them gave me the flexibility that I was searching for. My mini tripods are bulky and difficult to set up, and none of them were portable enough to take with me when I was out traveling or hanging out with friends. I was frustrated that I never had them with me when I needed them.”

This is where YOU come in! We won’t be able to manufacture GEKKOPOD without your support! Producing perfect products comes with a large upfront investment, we’ve come to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to produce the tooling and minimum order quantities for the first GEKKOPODS.

 We at Zuckerim want to thank each and every one of you for checking out our Kickstarter project, for pledging, and spreading the possibilities! Follow Us & Track Our Progress!  

Once you receive your GEKKOPOD, send us pictures ( via Email Facebook Tweeter Instagram ect.) of cool and unique uses so we can share them on ZUCKERIM’s website and create a real GEKKOPOD community.    

For more information contact info@zuckerim.com

Download press kit for Gekkopod

Our team has lots of experience with product design, production and tooling processes. We believe that being well prepared, expecting the unexpected and having a backup plan is what makes us trustworthy. Since the design of the GEKKOPOD is so different from all other mounts out there, we had to pay special attention to finding the right producers that will enable the production of the GEKKOPOD to run as smoothly as possible. We spent almost a year arranging and optimizing all steps in the production line. We already financed some parts of necessary tooling, but we need your support in order to finalize all the details and missing parts. We want to be 100% honest with our customers and will keep you up to date with everything. Every bit of change will be posted in our updates section, so you’ll always know how far in production or in the shipping process your GEKKOPOD is. Speaking of shipping… We got that covered too, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just sit back and get GEKKOPOD delivered to your door.

Once again, thank you we appreciate your support!!!

Contact Information:

Boaz Zucker

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