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May 28, 2015 5:00 PM ET

ESELLER EXPRESS: Making it easier for SMEs to manage the complications of selling on channels such as ebay and amazon

iCrowdNewswire - May 28, 2015


Making it easier for SMEs to manage the complications of selling on channels such as ebay and amazon

Channels such as eBay and Amazon present a tremendous opportunity for SME’s to sell their products benefiting their businesses. This, however, also introduces a range of new challenges e.g. how to keep stock up to date on all channels. Developing proprietary systems to manage these is complex and expensive. ESeller Express offers a cost effective, instantly available, cloud based system which arms SME’s with just the tools they need to manage their businesses efficiently.



    Eseller Express, is a cloud based, back office system designed to make it easier for SME’s to sell on multiple channels quickly and easily without having to develop proprietary software to deal with new challenges such as stock & order management.

    The system is available instantly, is easy to set up and is cost effective with no upfront fee and a rolling one month subscription.

    Our software is versatile and can be adapted to fulfil needs for a number of vertical markets. The company intends to fully capitalise on these opportunities.


    Whilst selling on multiple channels can be lucrative for SME’s, it also poses a vast number of new challenges. Developing a proprietary system to manage these is complicated, expensive and time consuming and therefore not feasible for most businesses.

    ESeller Express solves many of these problems by offering a range of tools to allow any retailer to manage multi-channel ecommerce and other aspects of their business with efficiency. The system which is available instantly with a free, no obligation trial, quick and easy to set up, with no upfront capital expenditure and low ongoing monthly costs is likely to appeal to a vast and growing number of potential clients.


    ESeller Express is available on a subscription basis. With plans to suit businesses of all sizes the product has huge market potential. This also ensures that the company will potentially benefit from a long term, stable revenue stream.
    Our software is versatile and we can therefore customise it relatively easily to create new products for vertical markets.


    As the market matures there is likely to be a degree of consolidation. If a suitable trade sale opportunity arises this will be considered seriously. Optionally, the company will consider making an Initial Public Offering (IPO) within approximately 3 years.

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