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May 27, 2015 11:48 AM ET

Archived: BOULTER & P: Accessible, affordable, authentic luxury jewellery, a new brand on the High Street

iCrowdNewswire - May 27, 2015


Accessible, affordable, authentic luxury jewellery, a new brand on the High Street

Our jewellery is pure sterling silver, rose or yellow gold vermeil, and incorporates stones, pearls and a smattering of diamonds in contemporary designs. Available from our beautiful stores, a new experience in jewellery retailing. Boulter & P jewellery, which is ‘a little bit precious’, will fill the gap between the fashion and high end offers. Branding is crucial to success, and every aspect of Boulter & P will reflect our ethos, affordable luxury. Turnover in excess of £5m beckons!



    Boulter & P will be launched through a PR and social media campaign and the opening of a unique new London store, and a website. Our jewellery collections are sourced worldwide and use authentic pearls & semi-precious stones set in sterling silver, and incorporate tiny diamonds. The designs are highly contemporary and affordable. Range is from £50 – £3000, average sale £200. Our signature piece is currently in the design stage, it will be the next ‘must have’ jewellery piece. We will draw on our experience of developing the Toko jewellery chain, which at its peak in 2008 operated from 10 stores in the UK.


    Well designed, mid priced, branded jewellery is a gap in the UK market. We will open 5 new stores in London over five years, and re-brand our website. The PR campaign will introduce the new brand through magazines, Sunday fashion supplements and social media, thus enabling our 20-50 year old, professional and affluent customers to access our fashionable, unique collections. The UK jewellery industry remains fragmented but the Continental brands that have attempted to break into this gap have misunderstood the market, and have largely failed in the UK. Why do fashion shoots so often feature Top Shop jewellery alongside designer clothing? There is little else!


    Collections are sourced abroad and typical GP is around 75%. Boulter & P will eventually retail through 5 London stores, 2
    rebranded Toko stores and the website. As a fashionable British brand, featured in Sunday style supplements, fashion magazines and social media, Boulter & P will also have International appeal, particularly in the Far East and Arab markets. Brand loyalty and repeat purchases will be created through the use of personalisation of the jewellery, such as
    engraving, and the creation of key fashion pieces (currently at the workshop stage). Customer service and an aspirational shopping environment are also crucially important, ensuring our customers return again and again.


    Boulter & P will enjoy a turnover of £5.9m in 2019, based on a conservative turnover estimate of £2000 per sq.ft., per annum. Covent Garden’s jewellery sector is currently trading at £5000 per sq ft, and there are concessions within Harrods trading at over £17,000 per sq.ft. In 5 years’ time we anticipate either selling the business or re-funding to expand nationwide. Buyers who may be interested include conventional non-fashion UK jewellers such as H Samuels, following the model of McDonald’s acquisition of Pret a manger for example. Alternatively, European mid priced branded jewellers frequently attempt to break into the UK market but so far with limited success, eg. Agatha or Oxette.

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