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Archived: Solace – A New Book by Felicia Cummings

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Solace – the New Book by Felicia Cummings

About this project

I am extremely grateful and proud that Atophill is publishing the book SOLACE, written by Felicia Cummings. Sometimes our lives do not go the way we’re planning. Sometimes we feel that there’s nothing for us to do…

But then, for some reason, something happens or someone appears in your life and all is well again! Based on true facts in her life, author Felicia Cummings is telling the story of her own life. We believe that the whole world should hear this amazing story, learn that life really is worth living – when you find the reason!

You may call SOLACE a religious book, and yet, even though God seems to be the main character, the story behind the book teaches us so much more. It teaches that in life, one must believe in good and good will happen.

Atophill is now in the final editing stages of the book SOLACE – we are looking for some additional funding for the publishing and promotion. We sincerely hope that our Indiegogo-project will get the attention of a lot of funders. This book may be a small project now, but we believe that it can become something that everyone wants to read! With your help and support, we can do that!

And – to complete this amazing story, Atophill has also acquired the film rights to SOLACE – to develop and produce the motion picture “Season of Solace”. You will be the first ones to hear about that later on!

Thank you!

Erkki Kanto


Here is the book review by Veronica Cunningham: When the teacher becomes the student, there is much to be learned—especially when the instructor is God. Solace is a heartfelt spiritual depiction of the fall and resurrection of a woman’s faith. It is written as an allegory based on true events from the author’s life. Her relationship with God is characterized by human characters as they take her through a life changing journey among a string of broken hearts and broken faith.

Set in Georgia, among a small town college setting, the story takes the reader into the life of English Professor, Sabrina Jameson, and her struggle with the mysteries of love and the delicate rules of engagement when dealing with a married man, fellow colleague, Joshua Tate. Feeling she has reached the end of all hope of a fairy tale romance, her frustrations turn her against her faith—that is until a college student masked in serene wisdom brings her to her senses. He is familiar and comforting, yet she does not know his name. “You can call me Matthew,” he simply says, but there is nothing simple about this russet haired young man. As she spiritually matures, Sabrina soon realizes that Matthew has many faces and she has always known his name. He is God, come to earth to provide guidance and solace for those who are close to giving up on faith.

Solace is a beautiful reminder that we are never truly alone and that loneliness is a trick of the mind.

-Veronica Cunningham
English Teacher (retired),
Georgia, USA


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