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May 24, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Strong Password Creator Notebook

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2015

Creating strong efficient and reliable passwords for your online and offline accounts can be such a boring task, it might get more worsened when you have to keep changing these passwords at an interval- since you can run out of ideas or you can simply make a password that you can’t remember; making you go through the stress of frequently requesting for password change of your online accounts

After much thoughts on the facts above, Ivelin Demirov- a Canadian industrial designer, came up with a unique and great idea on how to create and store strong and highly characterized passwords with a premium hardcover notebook called Enigmaze.

Enigmaze is a real-time password manager that helps you to create new, strong and unbreakable passwords; you can as well update new passwords and keep them safe in a more encrypted way that is only known to you.

The password manager provides the convenience of an all-in-one pack with up to 176 pages arranged in tabbed format following an alphabetical order. Each page has a unique 26 different grids which contains all letters, numbers and characters. 

Enigmaze is bound together using saddle stitched hardcover, making it ideal for long time use. It also comes with an expandable inner pocket which is ideal for keeping some sensitive information. An elastic enclosure is also featured in Enigmaze which makes it hard back covers to snap together, keeping your data safe from falling off your Enigmaze premium notebook.

Writing inside this premium notebook just got better with an invisible Ultraviolet light ink pen, which you can easily use to connect grids on the printed PVC card to generate your strong and unbreakable passwords.

Enigmaze is very light in weight and it has been designed to be carried virtually anywhere you are going. It fits directly into your pockets handbag or even backpack. It is delivered in a stylishly designed gift pack.

Using Enigmaze is not a difficult task; it varies from each individual uniqueness and creativity.  Some people can chose to draw lines (either straight or curve) on the grid itself. Or

By employing the concept of overlay simply placing cards on the grid, then connecting the grids with a permanent marker to make a pattern that will corresponds to your desired password. You will only have to simply place the card on the grid again when you want to use your password.

And much more ways you can simply create unique and almost uncrack-able passwords.

“This project is awesome. Love this idea, creating these types of passwords always left me with the problem of storing them securely somewhere, this solves that. Looking forward to this!” said DesolationGod

This premium note book is a must have for every internet users, most especially the frequent password changers. Enigmaze saves you time you will be using to brainstorm ideas for new passwords, it also saves you the entire cost of you totally losing your account- which might be much more costly than getting this simple and highly sophisticated passwords creator.

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