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May 22, 2015 4:53 PM ET

The Messenger: The First Gift Designed to be Regifted – a unique, modern & interactive gift that is designed to be regifted

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

The Messenger: The First Gift Designed to be Regifted

by Becky Kent

Nomadic Gifts presents a unique, modern & interactive gift that is designed to be regifted. Give it away & track it online forever.

About this project


A Ceramic Sculpture Designed to be Regifted.

Receive it.

Whether you receive your Messenger as a gift or buy it yourself to give away you may display it for a while with your note inside before gifting it to someone new.

Register Online.

Each Messenger has a unique ID number that allows you to register it online and set up your private profile. This will plot your location in our online map and begin your gifting legacy.

Give it Away.

When you are ready to give it away for a new occasion you will write a note of your own, place it inside and send it off to someone new. The Messenger is an excellent gift for any celebration; wedding, new baby, graduation or just to say “You are Awesome.”

Track it Online. Forever.

Once you give it away, it is gone but not forgotten. You are now creating a Nomadic Gift Family! Our tracking system alerts you each time your Messenger is regifted so you can watch it travel for years to come. Perhaps your Messenger will even become a family heirloom that generations will enjoy following.

Where Will Your Messenger Travel?

Our online map encourages the regifting culture by inspiring you to actively see and interact with your new Nomadic Gifts Family. Connect with each new recipient by uploading photos and sharing messages. Everyone who has received it before you is awaiting to see where it goes next, so, don’t keep it too long… if you love it, set it free!

Inspired by History.

The Messenger was inspired by the working pigeons that bravely carried messages across enemy lines during times of war. These intellegent birds (like their human counterparts) were often wounded, killed and even decorated with honors for their service.

Mobile Apps.

When you purchase our mobile app you have access to your own personal map anywhere you go! Easily document your experience by uploading photos and messages to share with your new Nomadic Gifts Family. 

For every mobile app sold, we will give $1 to charity. Cost TBD. So, every time the bird changes hands you have the chance to do some good in the world.

(Note: No need to buy the mobile app to participate, simply use your laptop!)

$10 Aqua Bird Postcard 

Thank you for believing in Nomadic Gifts! Your support means a lot to us and we wanna show it by sending you an artistic print postcard of the messenger floating in calm waters. Hang it on your wall as a thank you to yourself for supporting our little project OR write a note and mail it to someone special.

$20 Nomadic Gifts Caveman Koozie

Handmade Saddle Leather Koozie for a mason jar (included, with drinking lid, and sealing lid). Bring along chili, coffee, or a more exciting beverage of your choice. Grommet and carabiner (not shown) let you strap it on for any adventure! (Designed for Kickstarter only! Due to the handmade nature, each piece may have natural flaws and variations in color of leather, etc) 

$25 Women’s & Men’s SteamPunk Messenger Pigeon TShirt (S M L XL)

Check out the Steampunk version of The Messenger. Illustrated by the talented artist SquidDoodle. Women: One Color – Caribbean Blue. Men: One Color – Charcoal Grey.  Limited Quantity.

$79 The Messenger at Early Bird Discount! Beta Tester. Save $20. Limited Quantity.

As an early adopter, you will purchase The Messenger at a discounted rate and be the first (50) to receive it. This is our premier and complete product. In addition you will have access to a private forum where you are invited to share/discuss your experience with the online map and mobile app. We value your opinion and want you to help improve/shape the future of Nomadic Gifts.

$99 The Messenger. Premier Launch.

Buy our premier launch product, The Messenger. One bird in it’s bamboo box. Set it free and begin your Nomadic Gift Legacy!

$297 Three Little Birds.

What’s better than one bird? THREE. Receive three Messengers that ship for the price of one! Save money on shipping all three for yourself or find two friends to share the flock with. Three little birds, singing sweet songs…singing, this is my message to you, hoo, hoo.

$299 Custom Painted Messenger Series
by Artist Doug Forbes

Beautifully painted one of a kind originals. These limited editions are stand outs (and a bit of an experiment). We’d like to shout out and thanks Doug Forbes, stellar local Minneapolis artist and friend. He has painted one with a human heart, one with abstract geometric shapes and one with a tattooed hand holding the bird. It’s not easy to photograph these in 360, but perhaps we will try to get better angles. (if they last that long!)

$595 Custom Paint Your Own Messenger. 
(Sip & Paint Party -Minnesota Only)

Purchase 5 birds and we will have them sent to Kari’s Create & Paint Studio in Stillwater, MN. You and your friends will be able to custom paint your birds with your personalized artisan style! What a great way to “go in on it together” with the girls or family. In addition you’ll have a great day painting together. Where will your personalized bird travel??? You will all have many years to talk about where your bird has traveled to. What a great connection to last a lifetime! MN represent!

$995 Commissioned Art & The Kitchen Sink.

You will receive the following:

_A Commissioned Messenger! Do you have something or someONE you wish to commemorate? We will hire a Nomadic Gifts partner/artist to customize your bird.6

_A very awesome 2D replica of your commissioned Messenger (if you dig our style you can trust us on this, or go to to see what avenue we are considering… watch the “Story” section for updates, we might find something more worthy of your generous pledge…)

This is a great way to pay tribute to something or someone important to you. Send your artistic & personalized message out into the world.

You will also receive the following:

_A Thank You on Our Website.

_One Aqua-Print Postcard.

_A Digital Wallpaper.

_A set of His and Hers T-shirts.

(Note: due to the handmade nature please expect and welcome slight flaws & imperfections)


Risks and challenges

The logistical risks of this project have all been minimized.

#1. We have worked hard for two years to source materials, build a ceramic/production team and solidify our manufacturing process for The Messenger. We are not just working with a prototype, we have secured a modest preliminary inventory. Additionally, we have a solid bead on how many birds per week we can ship. We just need you to set them free to travel the world!

#2. It took us over 18 months to find the right resources for developing our map and apps and building the framework for the interactive demo. Kickstarter funding will allow us to bring it to completion.
( )

The real risk with this project, however, is larger than the Kickstarter campaign itself. The Messenger is a push towards a more inclusive future for gift giving, where you continue to interact and make connections through your gifting legacy. It does require that the gift you receive will not be yours for long.

Some people may struggle with this new regifting culture, so please choose your recipients wisely and encourage the regift. Our biggest challenge is to effectively communicate how it works, and the importance of the regift. Your participation in this cultural shift is what will make Nomadic Gifts successful!

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