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May 22, 2015 5:10 PM ET

Archived: Ralph’s Ranch: Dog Rescue Facility – We are seeking support to develop Ralph’s Ranch, The rescue arm of Apache Farms Pet Resort in Kerrville, Texas

iCrowdNewswire - May 22, 2015

Ralph’s Ranch: Dog Rescue Facility


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We are seeking support to develop Ralph’s Ranch, The rescue arm of Apache Farms Pet Resort in Kerrville, Texas.


Background: Bill Woznick is a successful dog  trainer, highly respected by his many clients in the Texas hill country. Ralph, an Australian Shepherd, was his canine assistant and friend for more than 13 years, before passing away after a full life of service in 2014. As an owner and director of Apache Farms, the hill country’s premiere pet resort, Bill and his staff have developed a reputation as the people to contact for most things dog related. Apache Farms receives many requests from friends, clients and others asking for help with placing or rehoming dogs that have been abandoned, found wandering or orphaned. We would like to do our part by providing lodging, food, medical treatment, and placement services for those dogs we choose to take, a decision based on the health, temperament, and the adoptability of the the animal and the urgency of the the situation. We will refer those dogs we cannot take in to local non-profit and municipal shelters. Once a dog is accepted at Ralph’s Ranch, they will have a safe place to live until they are placed in a forever home.

Requirements: Our 10-plus acres offer ample space to develop Ralph’s Ranch, but we need your help. We know that dogs do well in a pack, especially after their roles have been defined. So at Apache Farms, we do not “warehouse” dogs in separate kennels and we will not do so with our rescue dogs. Most of our guests eat, sleep and play as part of a group. Currently Apache Farms has a bunkhouse, chowhall and a very large play area, along with cabins and individual play areas for those few non-social dogs. Ralph’s Ranch will have the same, on a smaller scale. We will build a bunkhouse, chowhall and play area exclusively for rescue dogs

Dogs at Ralph’s Ranch will have 24-hour supervision, Evening supervision will be provided by the staff of  Apache Farms. Daytime supervision will be provided by volunteers. To that end, with your help, we will hire a part-time volunteer coordinator/placement specialist.

We hope to begin clearing the land and start fencing and building soon. Your contributions will help this happen. Once we have a place for dogs to live and play, we can begin accepting deserving dogs at Ralph’s Ranch. Some may come from the local animal shelter (which is a kill shelter). We will save as many as we can. 

When a dog is accepted at Ralphs Ranch we will insure that they are neutered, fully vaccinated, and taught social skills.  All of our efforts will be toward placing them in a proper forever home, where the new owners will have a full understanding of their new pet’s temperament, health,  and breed characteristics.

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