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May 21, 2015 3:25 PM ET

Archived: Share Zero Space – Control and Share real World

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015



Each of us, everyday, realizes that technology is not always what we need to improve the quality of our lives and, very often, it becomes a source of anxiety and complication.

It is for this reason that we have designed a completely new approach in the control of the events that surround us. We are proud to share our intelligent, easy and secure technology with you so that you may, like us, be masters of your life and the world around you.

From the simplicity of the “ShareZeroSpace” concept comes the evolution of total control. Sharing zero space means having the possibility of total control of events, it means the ability to share event management with those we care about and more.

The technology uses intelligent devices interconnected to the global Cloud ** that coupled to local event operators * are able to transform the management of the same event from local to global allowing the owner of that event to control it in any part of the globe.

This power would be nothing without the novelty of being able to share, delegate the management of this event to those who so desire it, with the simplicity equal to sharing a thought in a message.

For example, if the event you want to check is the opening and closing of an entrance now controlled locally by a key, remote control or badge, simply link a ShareZeroSpace device to the open and close switch to immediately manage this entrance, remotely from anywhere in the globe through the cloud.

With the same simplicity, you could, if you want, share that control with family members, if necessary with friends and, if useful, for example, with the gardener, so that he can, through his mobile device (smartphone), his account and password (with all the guarantees of security then), open the gate, thus without having to give him any key or remote control, with the certainty that the owner of the event is informed of his action in real-time.

Of course, this authorization can be revoked with the same ease and at any time, without the difficulty of having to get the key or remote control returned.

In the same way, with the same simplicity, it can be applied to any event such as; turning on lights, appliances, irrigation systems, alarms, gates, and anything that can be considered an event.

Also you can check the status of events, that is, for example, you can check whether a light is on, if the pump is running, if the gate is closed, if there’s water in the irrigation system, and, lastly, know the value the voltage of a battery, the level of liquid in a tank, the wind direction or the ambient temperature.


it’s worth a try and we know it. Therefore we have provided a demonstration of the simplicity and potential of the system that each of you can personally experience.

Simply, using a fixed or mobile device that is able to navigate, visit www.sharezerospace.com


The owner of a multi outlet* with four control options, after purchase registered the product in the portal and immediately became the owner of a multi outlet connected to the cloud. The owner then connected a lava lamp (the 70s) to outlet 1 and a web cam to outlet 4.

After that, he sent the outlet to Berlin, to his home, connecting to a 3G router that allows him to connect the multi outlet to the Internet through a cell phone connection* and is now happily able to command the individual outlets (voltage on) from anywhere in the world.

After having simply set easily understandable names, such as, Lava Lamp for outlet 1, etc., he assigned the action to the demo user (the one that you can use to test this command ). Then the demo user was authorized by the owner to only use the outlet connected to the lava lamp

Now the demo user, (email: demo, password: 12345), if logged onto the portal www.sharezerospace.com is able, by going to the part of the menu that says “Zone”, to select the lava lamp (the assigned one) called “Multi Outlet” in the multi outlet device menu. The event control panel opens by pressing the “Control” button. Turning on the lamp can thus be managed by clicking on the button icon. The event generated in this way will change the status of the lamp (on – off and vice versa indicated by a different icon). Actual lamp on and off will be represented by the change of the lamp icon that will switch from an image of the lamp off to lamp on accordingly (real control feedback).

You can also see what happens in real-time. In fact, there is a room icon (because a web cam was linked by the owner). Clicking on the icon you will be prompted to enter web camm login credentials (username: user, password; user). Next, a window will open with live video*.

The owner, wants more options, and thus would also like the light to be controlled locally by the night guard that passes by every night and checks the house through the cracks in the windows. Then, again from the portal, in the special section, he generates a QR code, which will be printed and affixed outside the home. Through this code, the guard, who is also authorized to use it, will focus on the QR code with his smartphone to turn the light on in the house but, moreover, controlling outlet 2, can open the gate to get closer to the house and check if everything is safe.

Great, right? but above all, useful, functional and you’ll find even convenient.

The following is a QR code for those who want to try it. Focusing on it with a smartphone that can read it*, you will be first transferred to the portal for authentication (email: demo, password: 12345), and immediately after, to the lava lamp control panel (for practical reasons we do not provide the working code for opening the gate in the demo).


lava lamp

Simple, right?. Now you can imagine the possible uses of this technology at your disposal to really simplify your life.

Of course this is not all. There are other interesting features that we would be happy to show you directly. For example, if, in the menu area, you click on the “Multi outlet” device name in the demo, the tracking system will tell you where the ShareZeroSpace smart-device is in the universe.

So, whichever way you look at it, ShareZeroSpace * is the technology that was missing, simple, secure, for all, personally.

Join us on IndieGOGO campaign at Share Zero Space

* ShareZeroSpace is a ProjectStudio and Computer Design technology, protected by patent application

*event: The word event generally means “something that happens at a certain point at a certain time” specifically applied to a point in space-time, like what happens when we turn a switch to turn on the light.

*multi outlet: it is a ShareZeroSpace product made up of a four-outlet multi floor outlet.

*cell phone: in this case the Internet connection is via a cell phone system to demonstrate that the system can also operate in mobility. Normally, a simple fixed internet connection, like the home or company connection,

Private or public, suffices.

*live: The video is in real-time, but the 3G network, if congested at the time of consultation, can introduce delays in the display (recommend using Mozilla Firefox)

*read: many smartphones (almost all) have a pre-installed program that reads qr codes. If you do not have one, you can find it for free on “http://reader.kaywa.com/phones.”

Contact Information:

Project Studio - Computer Design
Mario Puppo
Via Roma, 146
18038 Sanremo (ITALY)
ph. +390184501913
US ph. +1 (408) 675-9030
skype: mario.puppo
e-mail: mario.puppo@projectstudio.eu

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