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May 21, 2015 4:42 PM ET

Saving you time & frustrations: Constantin Services an online tool which makes finding a service provider easy and hassle free, saving time and frustrations

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

Saving you time & frustrations

By Constantin Services

Have you ever spent hours searching the web and subsequently on the phone trying to find an electrician or other service provider?

Have you ever scheduled a time for them to come and give you a quote and they didn’t show and never even called to excuse themselves?

Has a situation occurred where you have agreed to have work done, even taken a day off from work, as you needed to be around and then never heard from that service provider again?

Have you ever tried to contact them after the no-show only to find that they will not pick up the phone for you ever again?

Just think, what you went through to get a quote in the first place and now do you really want to start the whole process again?

Have you answered YES to any of these questions? Would you like a better way?

Experiences like these inspired me to design an online tool, which makes finding a service provider easy and hassle free, saving time and frustrations.

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How it works?

You may watch our Short Promo

Anyone in need of a service provider, can submit their details and enquiry, this enquiry gets delivered to all relevant service providers subscribed to our system and you then wait for their quotes and replies. On top of that, all subscribers can be browsed based on their service provided and their serviced area, just in case you prefer the calling around yourself. Also to be safe, you will always have access to each service provider’s profile page who replied to your enquiry to check their details and if you also find a “Verified” stamp on their profile page, you know, that we have already verified them as a legitimate business.

The Challenge

No limits and restrictions on how many quotes you may receive, or how long your enquiry is visible to service providers, this gives each service provider equal chance to answer and provides you with wider choice.

Subscribed service providers must reply only to enquiries that they are genuinely interested in, must be reliable and if they promise to show, they must show.  Also all subscribed providers must be checked that they are a legitimate business, and are excluded from the system if they are not or don’t deliver as promised.

Market Research

Our market research showed that everyday people like you and me love the idea to have this tool available, when looking for services or service providers. The service providers can be classified into several groups – those that have experienced competitors’ services and will not invest into another similar system and those that are interested however will not invest into the system without instant returns (meaning existing enquiries). All service providers however showed interest in the tool if it was free.

Competitor Research

We have researched what our competitors offer and found our system is far superior. More specifically we feel our system is giving everyone involved a fair go to get what they need.

To make it fair

There is no limit on the number of enquiries service provider can reply to, enquiries are open until a customer selects a provider or cancels the enquiry. Customer may cancel his/her enquiry at any time for any reason or just wait until they are satisfied with the received quote.

Why Free?

This service is developed for the people, who are looking for a quality service provider. Based on our market and competitor research, we found, that to achieve the best outcome for both parties, our services must be free. Paid options and features may be added in the future.

How the funds will be used

This funding is aimed at our first step at entering the market starting with the Brisbane area, as well as to organize our strategy and funding for further growth and development. To accomplish a successful start, we need a solid service provider base, and therefore advertising funds to spread the word in a professional manner as well as the help of a professional to ensure that we are on the right path for our business to grow in the best and fastest way possible and to secure further funding.

  • $5,000 (or more depending on the funds raised) will be used to approach and sign up businesses with good reputation from the Brisbane area and explain the system as well as their benefits and responsibilities – this will include the services of a professional sales representative and promotional material.
  • $5,000 (or more depending on the funds raised) will be used to promote Constantin Services to everyone who is likely to benefit from them – well, that is just about everyone – this will be determined by the funds raised but to provide some idea it may include the design, print and delivery of flyers, newspaper advertising, billboard advertising, online advertising, TV and radio advertising and/or others.
  • $10,000 will be used for a business development professional to overlook our business plan and help to obtain further funding for future growth and development

If target is exceeded

Excess funds will be used to build larger service provider base (covering wider area), further promote Constantin Services and to improve and maintain the system.

If target is not met

We will contribute to meet the target by further private investment, however our funds are limited and it may take longer to complete this step and therefore it could affect our overall success.

Invested so far

Personal investment of $7,000 was used to cover the start up costs such as business name fee, domain names fee, insurances, start up promotional material and market research, plus little over 1 year of development worth $80,000 and 6 months of market research worth $30,000. Our investment continues with further time spent on delivering this system to you.

Your Reward

We value all contributions and our appreciation to each supporter will be posted on our website as well as Facebook. High contributors will receive personalised thank you letters.

And of course the main benefit

Once the service provider base is established everyone including you can benefit from our services! There is no waiting for development as it is up and running right now! So all we need is a reliable and quality service provider base and to spread the word.

Our Team

Lucie Kreuzova Kohn (Founder & Developer)


This is me. Apart from Constantin Services, I am 16+ years practitioner and about 10 years teacher of martial arts, I manage Spirit First Martial Arts – karate and kobudo (weapons) school in Springwood. Starting with 2 classes per week 5 years ago, we now offer 8 classes a week and have just under 40 students.

After completing IT degree at Griffith University I utilised and expended my programming and development skills by producing back-end system for the Martial Arts business. The system now looks after most record keeping, budgeting, accounting and minimises the time needed for every task we require to run the business.

Constantin Services further expanded my IT skills and now I am looking into utilising my acquired management skills from building and managing Spirit First Martial Arts, but this time on slightly larger scale.

Other than martial arts I also love car racing, roller blading, woodworking and other creative and sport activities as well as getting together with friends.


Murray Kohn (Support & Business Partner)

Murray  Murray is the major support person in this project – every idea, every feature, every programming issue was always discussed with Murray and if you have ever worked on any such project you will know that sometimes just talking about problems helps to solve them as it brings other ideas into the picture. You will also know that brainstorming is very hard to do on your own. So without Murray, Constantin Services would probably still be in a development stage.Murray is also my business partner in Spirit First Martial Arts and the major instructor. During the business hours he works as an Account Manager for a Hydraulic company in Brisbane.
  Apart from martial arts, Murray loves woodworking, general sports activities and catching up with friends.


We look forward helping you finding the service providers you need in an easy way.
Thank you for taking the time to consider our project. We appreciate every contribution financial or not, so if you love what we are trying to accomplish and are not in a position to contribute financially, spreading the word (whether via Facebook or otherwise) and talking about our project to your friends, family and beyond is also very welcome.
Contact Information:

Lucie Kreuzova Kohn
Murray Kohn

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