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May 21, 2015 8:30 AM ET

Archived: mylearnadfriend Ltd: on-line Learning software for direct sale to businesses and organisations across all skill sectors

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

mylearnadfriend Ltd

Education project – North East


About mylearnadfriend Ltd

mylearnadfriend has created on-line Learning software for direct sale to businesses and organisations across all skill sectors. Our on-line Learning solutions enable interactive, immersive content which is “fit for purpose” to be created, delivered and verified 24/7 to a global audience. The software also has an optional integrated advertising functionality.


mylearnadfriend Ltd


Key Investment Features

  • Previously secured £170,000 investment from institutional investors
  • Business model has been tested and developed for sector specific platforms
  • Strong network of key strategic partners
  • Customer pipeline created

Achievements to Date

  • £170,000 North Star Ventures, POC funding, and £80,000 SSAS loan has enabled mylearnadfriend to develop and launch their fully-operational e-commerce Learning platform and create a customer pipeline of sector specific organisations, investors and strategic partners, including the MoD.
  • OCN Credit4Learning Centre Accreditation
  • Development and OCN accreditation of four core H&S training programmes
  • Built network of key strategic partners
  • Launched fully operational e-commerce eLearning platform 
  • Developed brand and built digital footprint, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • Tested & developed business model for sector specific platforms
  • Created customer pipeline: Sector specific organisations, Investors and Strategic partners
  • Pipeline of twenty + organisations looking to enter the eLearning market

The Problem


The growth in the on-line Learning market poses a significant risk to training providers and companies that have not embraced on-line Learning. IBM estimates that companies who utilise on-line Learning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%. Companies that fail to embrace on-line Learning will inevitably lose their competitiveness and share of the market.

However, entering the on-line Learning market is fraught with problems and risk. Developing an online Learning platform can be costly, time consuming and extremely problematic. Many on-line Learning providers rely on clients using rudimentary enterprise learning management systems. Other off the shelf systems are often complex, expensive and inflexible, preventing training providers from entering the market.

Our Solution


mylearnadfriend’s unique software infrastructure makes it possible to develop on-line Learning platforms quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. Our platforms make the development of on-line Learning courses more affordable and as a result, more companies can enter the on-line Learning market.

With the introduction of ‘Online learning platform’ services, mylearnadfriend intends to create twenty on-line Learning Academies throughout the UK with the help of strategic partners. The platform will also be available for sale or lease to training providers and organisations wishing to benefit from on-line Learning by introducing their own in house training. The mylearnadfriend software will also be available from all good software houses. The mylearnadfriend software has been launched tested and is currently being used by several organisations.


mylearnadfriend Ltd
Company number:
Date incorporated:
Jacksons Law Firm
Company type:
Private Limited
Anderson Barrowcliff Ltd

Registered Address

Boho One

Bridge Street West



United Kingdom

The People behind mylearnadfriend Ltd

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Tony Abbott

Managing Director

With over 36 years training, development and eLearning experience, Tony is the creator and author of several very successful eLearning products, including the Edexcel “BTEC Award in Safe Learning in the workplace” and the online eLearning course “The Safe Learner” BETT award finalist in 2009.


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Alan Hammersley


Alan has over 30 years’ experience in both public and private sectors. He has been responsible for winning major sales, contracts on behalf of the companies he has represented. His career has included the research and implementation of available business funding streams, European Legislative requirements for business, taxation and import, export regulations as well as business development growth opportunities within the EU.


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James Robson MBE

Non Executive Director

James has 9 years experience at an international chemical marketing & distribution company ( Ellis & Everard ) joining an internal Management Development Programme for fast-tracking. He founded Exwold Technology in 1993 with investment from a regional VC fund. James has an entrepreneurial vision which has seen the company grow from 7 staff to over 60 in 20 years and a strong passion to see the North East of England restructure it’s industrial base to become a competitive and sustainable region for advanced manufacturing/ process engineering in chemicals & biotechnology. His specialties include: Business Start-Up, VC fund raising, Management Team structuring or re-structuring, Talent Management&Development, Non-Exec or Advisory support.

Exit Strategy

mylearnadfriend’s exit strategy will be managed by a mergers and acquisitions company. Several organisations have approached the company offering their services.The strategy will be to procure a strategic sale with one of the major players in the market.

There is also the option to sell the twenty strategic platforms, individually. With a strategic purchase, the buyer may be able to add customers, instantly growing the potential sales revenue with their complementary products and services or the purchase may remove a competitor from the market. In this case, the value of the business is calculated differently and is much more biased towards perceived profits rather than actual earnings.
For example, if we were selling mylearnadfriend to a buyer who only wanted to take a competitor out of the market and really just wanted to buy the client base, it would be feasible (depending on the estimated lifetime value of a client) to structure a deal where we could agree something in the region of 20-30 times EBITDA, if the buyer isn’t picking up the business overhead. In this example nearly all of the business revenue from the client accounts would go straight to the bottom line allowing the buyer to make back this type of investment within a year or two.
As we have decided a strategic sale is appropriate, we want to start planning the sale process as soon as possible to make the transition as smooth as possible.
We will be considering which of the companies to engage in order to make this happen.

Contact Information:

Tony Abbott
Alan Hammersley
James Robson MBE

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