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May 21, 2015 7:38 AM ET

Archived: Earthquake Relief: Nepal needs our immediate and long term help with food, water and shelter

iCrowdNewswire - May 21, 2015

Earthquake Relief – Nepal

Nepal needs our immediate and long term help with food, water and shelter. Join our effort now!
Ryan Patterson

After 2 massive earthquakes that have struck on either side of Kathmandu, Nepal is in dire straits. Since the first M7.9 earthquake on April 25, aftershocks have continued daily. And now an M7.3 earthquake has just hit again May 12. The people of Nepal are scared and most buildings are unsafe to enter. Now more than ever they have nowhere to go. The mountain villages in the Gorkha region are still not receiving govt aid and it is unlikely that aid will ever reach up to the high mountain villages. They are out of food and water and their homes are not safe, if they still stand at all. Monsoon season is coming and they need our help.

The Away Inward Foundation is currently taking donations and sending funds for emergency relief directly to our ground support who are providing essential supplies and immediate aid. As well, our AIF team in Nepal is arranging to build temporary structures to get the people of the Gorkha village through until September.  

In September the founders of The Away Inward Foundation along with a larger team of volunteers will travel to Nepal and build permanent structures. This campaign is to raise funds to help rebuild the village school, living space for the Damai Cast, or “untouchables” who have no resources, a community grain storage, and as many family homes as we can. Our intention is that our rebuild effort will get them back on their feet and able to work their land, store grain and stay sheltered. These are very simple structures made of rock and mud with bamboo supports for a tin roof.

The contentment and inner joy of knowing that Nepali families will now be able to get some sort of start is your greatest gift. With your donation you can rest assured that you have actually changed the lives of people who would otherwise be completely devastated without the chance to rebuild. You have enough and your generosity is overflowing. You radiate with the glow of someone who cares and is able to make a difference in the world. We salute you!

What we need is manpower and tools. Your tax deductible donations will go directly to our humanitarian efforts to help rebuild Nepal through our 501c3 non-profit, The Away Inward Foundation.

More information at www.awayinward.com/nepalrelief

Or track our efforts on FB at www.facebook.com/events/980011755343059/

The Away Inward Foundation website: www.ChildrenWeServe.org

Please take a moment to scroll through all of our Perks. We have volunteer positions available along with treks and a trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan. These are amazing adventures and are now backed with the reality that you are part of a global effort to heal Nepal. Blessings!

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