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May 19, 2015 2:37 PM ET

Archived: Open Empire (TM) – a science based approach to the radical transformation of civilisation one project at a time

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2015

Science based systems of ecologically & socially friendly & sustainable civilisation


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Welcome to Open Empire (TM) – a science based approach to the radical transformation of civilisation one project at a time … this is a multi-staged collection of projects designed to create a framework capable of supporting an ever increasing number of sub-projects, and where each such sub-project feeds back data & resources into the evolution and growth of the underlying foundational systems.

Project description: – Open Empire (TM) is the name I’ve given to a set of systems and strategies I’ve developed over the past 2+ decades, but it also includes a range of other inventions, principles, and things too numerous to go into … besides which, this is a stage zero appeal for help (as per comments in the video), so it’s really not the time just yet to go into every last aspect, nor do I have the resources to adequately present all those ideas at this stage (given the complexity of breaking it down to something almost anyone can understand, regardless of their educational background), and hence the additional need for help.

  • Stage Zero – this appeal, largely for personal assistance allowing me to get to stage 1
  • Stage One – setting up an investment fund to handle all future money for all future stages
  • Stage Two – setting up a data centre as the IT backbone for the entire organisational structure
  • Stage Three – setting up the core R&D (Research & Development) team whom support all projects
  • Stage Four – a recursive stage, a new instance of which is instantiated every time a new project / sub-project requires funding, has achieved approval for such a funding request, and has reached a position towards the top of the project slate, whereby funding now needs to be organised in order to fit financial delivery with estimated project timelines.

So in other words: I am looking to build a framework whereby our species, every other species, and the ecosystems in which we all live, can move forward without all the utterly unnecessary exploitation, abuse, destruction, pollution, and extinction that goes on now, and which is ultimately caused by the flaws in our current social systems & structures, which are designed in a way most likely to bring out the worst in people.

This framework has been designed not to attempt to change everything overnight, nor to expect people to suddenly change their ways, but instead to grow & evolve gradually, learning from its own mistakes & successes, gradually building on its own momentum, influencing the behaviour of individuals & groups, ultimately evolving into something robust enough to much better handle all social requirements from the local to global level, and without the need for authoritarian hierarchies.

In the world as we know it, the cost of investment into doing ecological & social good is often a cost seen (especially by narcissists & sociopaths) as having no return … unfortunately for us, we have a lot of narcissists & sociopaths in society, because our present system breeds & empowers them …

… so imagine now a future world where every single human agenda is instead motivated by a system that rewards the opposite behaviour, has a basis not founded in human opinions but in established science, and is non-species-biased so that other species are effectively given a voice.

About me: – I’m 44 years old, and when I left high school all I really wanted to do was make movies and games, but life had other plans for me … I got distracted from these goals by various struggles, and which led me to question a great many things I’d been led to believe.

Over the course of my years I have done over 100 jobs, which means: when I look at any situation in life I have a lot of experience with which to relate to / understand what I am seeing, but without the bias of exclusively one side only of the picture … but on top of this I have had almost a decade of tertiary studies across 4 universities, plus additional studies over the years at Australian TAFE (technical) colleges, as well as various private education providers, and personal studies / research & interests / endeavours.

These studies have included (amongst other things):

  • politics (international relations);
  • law (banking, commercial contract, corporations, constitutional & common law);
  • civil / structural, electro-mechanical, and electronic engineering;
  • maths & sciences (biology, chemistry, genetics, geology, physics);
  • computer science (C, C++, PL1, Assembler 370, COBOL, RPG3, BASIC, Java, and others);
  • anatomy & physiology, massage therapy, nutritional & other health sciences;
  • … and a great deal more;

Therefore: I also have the understanding of fundamental principles to draw from in order to effectively extrapolate new understanding about a great many things beyond my personal experience … and one of the mental exercises I often do, is to basically run a virtual lab inside my own mind to test hypotheses, as I find this faster than doing it on a computer (though visualisation aids do help).

So the reason for telling you all this, is to demonstrate to you that the person you are dealing with & donating to, is on the one hand taking on a monumental challenge … but on the other hand, is also extremely well equipped for that challenge. A side note here is that I also have several contingency plans built in to this overall scheme to ensure that even if I never reach my ultimate goals, a great deal of good will still come from it, many sub-projects can be achieved along the way, and someone else can take over from where I left off after I am gone.

So far as my health is concerned, I’m suffering from a fair amount of pain in life, which is the result of musculoskeletal issues … without going into too much detail, I have (amongst other health issues) almost no disc left in many parts of my spine, many of the vertebrae are exhibiting arthritic spurs locking them together, nerves get pinched causing immense amounts of pain from time to time (which even the strongest pain killers have no effect on), some of my muscles are so fibrous & locked up that my physical therapists sometimes say they cannot tell the difference between muscle & bone … and all of which leads to discomfort, pain, immobility and frustration (as I cannot do many of the things I enjoy doing, it restricts income earning opportunities so I can’t afford the therapy I need, and things gradually get worse instead of better the longer I go without treatment).

I’m currently keeping myself occupied as much as possible working on various projects of my own, while seeking others whom I can assist and whom have projects of their own with budgets already assigned, so that I can earn some money from providing that asistance … I am also the co-founder of a grass-roots community group called “Dog Friendly Society” – aka DFS – which has a big vision too (some of which relates indirectly to this project), but which has (as yet) no budget, and so it’s just kicking along at its own pace, developing very slowly.

The Cause: – I have been obsessed for almost 25 years with the development of what I call:

A scientifically quantifiable, measurable, and thus verifiable basis for ecological & social justice & sustainablity, to be used in turn as the basis for non-species-biased systems of law, politics, and non-currency-based economics, in order to fundamentally transform the flawed foundations of civilisation, and ultimately attempt to cure our species of its insanity.

Now I’m actually ready to begin … except the personal sacrifices I’ve made to get this far and the other difficulties I’ve encountered in life, mean I am not in a position to begin.

So the cause is actually in two parts:

  1. Help me by contributing to the resources that allow me to live, allow me to focus on what I am doing, and allow me to receive the physical rehabilitation therapies I need for my musculoskeletal issues, and thus avoid the physical pain, discomfort & risk of further injury (or degradation of my condition) that comes with a lack of access to those rehab therapies;
  2. Help the project by contributing to the resources I can use for such things as internet access, software, hardware, training, R&D costs, travel & meetings, etc. … so that for the next 2 years I can focus on planning a much higher quality presentation for Stage One, along with preparation work for stages 2 & 3.

How the money will be used: – I’ve selected the lowest possible tipping point in the hope enough people care enough to just help me, and I can get over that $10,000 line.

What $10K would mean to me is:

  • A new place to live where I’m at least comfortable with decent internet
  • Some regular physical therapy for a while, and build home veggie / herb garden & orchard
  • Money for additional things to assist my healing & recovery
  • Money for study, research & further work to move things forward on this project

If however I managed to achieve the goal of $100K, I would additionally do the following:

  • Purchase (build) a new development server / workstation
  • Spend some time (and money if necessary) on accellerated training in some software systems
  • Develop a basic but customised collaboration platform to allow me to work with others more effectively
  • Invest in fully detailed & high quality presentations, proposal & planning documents (etc.) for Stage One
  • Develop the agreement documents required for all persons to be hired during Stage One
  • Seek a suitable person (or persons) of established reputation to be the investment fund managers
  • Set up the basic legal entities required for Stage One
  • Pay for some required IP development & protections
  • Pay for some domain name registrations & website hosting
  • Develop & implement several related websites & web-services
  • Begin / continue planning on some related commercial projects which can also inject some funds into this if they’re successful, some of which will also contribute to related animal welfare objectives (see: DFS)
  • Purchase a reliable 2nd hand vehicle for travel, and various other helpful items if there’s anything left
  • Development of a movie script & related works which tell the story of my vision (SCI-FI genre)

Rewards: – I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can offer you in return except the following:

  1. The feel good factor of helping someone in need, knowing you’ve likely increased my well-being;
  2. The feel good factor of knowing i am doing good work for the world with your assistance;
  3. The opportunity to work with me if such opportunity arises at a later stage & you have the interest;
  4. Priority treatment as any such future co-conspirator, or project partner … I will definitely prioritise those who helped at this very early stage when I so desperately need it, versus those who did not;
  5. If there is something else you would like, and it is in my capacity to deliver it, I will do my best.

iPledg is an all or nothing crowd funding platform, which means if I don’t reach my target I get nothing … so please give, even if it is only $1, as every dollar gets me closer to that minimum … but if you can’t support this project financially, you can still help by using the share button and spreading the word to your friends. Thank You.

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