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May 18, 2015 1:01 PM ET

Archived: WishWell: a charity mobile App I designed to Identify & Relieve, Poverty & Inequality, the Autistic Way

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2015


Project aim

WishWell is a charity mobile App I designed to Identify & Relieve, Poverty & Inequality, the Autistic Way.

About the project

WishWell is part 1 of a 2 part charity App series I’ve developed to fight poverty and inequality. 

The Young Entrepreneur’s Zero Emission Rally, aka Yezer is part 2. 

Please check out my Webpage http://www.terencebarnett.com To find out more about my idea’s and support my#PITCHTORICH campaign to #StandOutForAutism and pitch my idea’s to Sir Richard Branson and Pals for £50,000 + More importantly, Ongoing Business Support!

The idea of this campaign is to match the £50,000 prize money so we can make WishWell #VOOM! 

As you can see above I missed my launch date which I set for world autism awarness day. I had planned it so my Crowd funding campaign finshed days before the PitchToRich Vote closed and I was hoping to take £50,000 of crowdfunded money to the Finals. As I am not a web designer or vlogger I’ve had problems bringing this all together with my ideas working alone. I hate cameras so fighting that fear and overcoming many personal battle’s at the same time has made this a very difficult task.

I am a Dreamer! Some of us have to dream and I know there is not an awful lot of information here, but this is still possible if you can help me!

So back to WishWell. The 3 simple funtcions of WishWell, which I’m an expert of; Wish, Apologise, Promise; capture human nature in such a way, this will be the @Facebook of True Desires, Educating the World of the Power of Empathy and Mindfulness.

(Hopefully removing a few stigmas while were at it!)

To put it simply, all you have to do is; Download App, Sign In, Upload Wish, Donate, Share and the Countdown will Begin!

If your Wish has Not Come True before the countdown has finished, get your money Back!* If it has come true your money is placed in the community kitty, which will be controlled by the community using a very simple system.

The main aim of this charity is to fight poverty and inequality. We will do this through your wishes, your apologies and your promises.

We will build a global community where we are all related by these 3 very common actions we all do despite our differences.

The funding will be used to build the website and 1st version of the app. This will generate enough income to continue to develop the full version very quickly!

If you cannot pledge money for the crowdfunding campaign you can still support my campaign to Pitch To Rich by going to PitchToRich.co.uk and #VoteTerry!! The link can also be found @ www.TerenceBarnett.com where you can find out lots more about me, my work including WishWell and what I do.

Thank you for taking time to check out my campaign.

I hope you like my idea’s and support my efforts to create a better future for the next generations!

If you would like to get involved, can offer advice, skills or any help what so ever, please head over to my website where you can contact me directly.

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