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May 15, 2015 4:39 PM ET

Archived: Rentah.com – Where anyone, can rent anything. The real sharing economy.

iCrowdNewswire - May 15, 2015

We’re proud to announce that over the past year, we’ve successfully built the first iteration of Rentah.com – a world-changing sharing economy company. Rentah.com is a peer to peer marketplace that allows freelancers and businesses to rent out their goods, services and spaces at a price of thier choosing. People are also capable of lending out tools for free too if they so wish, our aim is to be true to the “Sharing” in the Sharing Economy.

In the midst of rising prices and stagnant wages consumers are taking notice of the benefits of peer to peer marketplaces, (AirBnB being the most famous), moving away from the traditional model of conceding to the fixed prices of big industry and instead, renting and buying directly from their peers. Through Rentah, we’ve built a product that responds to this growing demand, and offers a complete solution to the broadest range of rental needs. Earlier this week, B-Corp Etsy celebrated their very successful offering on the NASDAQ. Like Etsy we too plan on becoming a B-Corp, while building a marketplace that’s open to the world.

With the rise of companies built on the foundation of collaboration, sustainability, and consumer needs, Rentah’s mission and business model position us to be a major player in this changing economy.

Our Missions Statement is as follows: To help people and businesses alike save and/or make enough money to “pay the rent”, all while being socially and environmentally conscious.​ 

The Idea: Rentah originated from its Danish sister company, Lejdet.dk (Rent It), which currently holds the largest peer-to-peer rental inventory in Europe. Because of Lejdet’s considerable success and growth, Rentah applies the same concept to the American market.

Revenue Model: Rentah earns revenue by charging a 5% commission to the profiting entity in every transaction conducted through the website.

or…We don’t make a Nickel until you make a Dollar!

Our user experience, which we are currently working on, is fluid and simple enough for anyone to understand, use, and enjoy. The process starts when our user searches for something, like a power drill, a dog walker, or a studio to host a yoga class. After finding it on Rentah, our user places an inquiry. The person that is providing the good, space, or service either accepts or declines the bid. If the provider accepts the bid, the renter receives a numerical code. The two will agree to meet up or have the item or service delivered. If everything is satisfactory, the code is exchanged and imputed by the provider and the transaction begins. The user then enjoys and returns the item. We also accept deposits within our payment platform which is powered bySTRIPE, and we are implementing a delivery system for goods with our partners atZIPMENTS.

As Rentah advances, we strive to become the foremost source for all things rental. A consumer will be able to find everything they need at affordable rates and the Rentah platform will provide anyone, anywhere, the tools to earn money from their assets and skills. We like to envision ourselves as the next generation of Craigslist, capable of doing what all of the modern shared economy sites are doing under one platform and with an easy-to-remember name.


Contact Information:

Anup Desai, CEO

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