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May 12, 2015 11:55 AM ET

Archived: Italy to Robotics World Cup: Help us to raise the money to go to China

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2015

Italy to Robotics World Cup

We are 2 teams that won the italian RoboCup competition. Help us to raise the money to go to China.
Francesco Ballerin

Our Story

We started everything with our school a robotic course, to learn the basics of electronic and IT technology.

After the 5-months course we participated to “RoboCupJR Italia”, a national competition where the target is to build a small robot that can recognize, locate and save “victims”. Our categories were “Rescue Maze” and “Rescue Line”, and our teams name were “RescueMaze Galilei” and “RescueLine Galilei” (very original).

In “Rescue Maze” the robot is placed in a labyrinth where the victims are warm zones at 37°C. The target is to avoid obstacles and locate all the victims, placing a rescue kit made of a small cube of wood.

In “Rescue Line” the robot has to proceed along a black line on a white surface, avoiding obstacles, interruptions of the line and choosing the right way on intersections to reach the final room. In the final room the target is to locate the “victims”, which are little spheres, and save them.

After 3 days of competitions we won in both the categories and we have passed the qualification to go to the international competition, that this year is in China.

It is the first time in Italy that a robot made with Open Hardware (Arduino) wins this competition. In the last years the teams who won used the expensive and not open Lego Mindstorms Kit.

Here we are!! We are 8 of these students, after the competition in Milan.

What We Need

Unfortunately the school has not enough money to send  us to China.

Please, help us to raise enough money to fly to Hefei, in China, and represent our country in the international competitions.

Also a single Euro would help us! Thank you!

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help us also telling this project to other people, don’t forget to share it on social networks!

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Contact Information:

Francesco Ballerin

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