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May 12, 2015 10:00 AM ET – Its Time To Share: a platform for neighborhoods to share and rent stuff with each other

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2015 – Its Time To Share the community for sharing THINGS

Big in USA now launched Sweden! Sharing economy is a big growing trend all over the world. have launched a platform for neighborhoods to share and rent stuff with each other.Let’s Share

Grate Design layout and user friendly interface
Grate Design layout and user friendly interface

Success in USA – NOW IN SWEDEN,

The consumption in the world is increasing every day and has reached high standard levels we have never seen before. We buy and throw things in a way that tear our environment rapidly and entenably. Why buying and owning – When we can share and borrow from each other?

The future spells SHARING ECONOMY or collaborative economy. This is a growing trend across the world. This trend could be seen for example through the successful web sites Uber, Airbnb or Toborrow which are all P2P communities where we share cars, our homes or money. Why not start sharing our things that we use in everyday life but perhaps not always?

2015 will be the year of Sharing Economy!

We believe Sweden and Europe are ready to start sharing. Save money and our environment! Together we build a sustainable future.

Start Sharing with

Sharing is caring!
Sharing is caring!

Whats the Problem?

Today we already share things with our neighbours. But!

  • How do you know what’s available to borrow?
  • How do you know who has the things you need right now, to the garden, to the birthdayparty or the beach event?
  • How do you know who is willing to share?
  • How do you keep tracking of things you have lent?

Our Solution have developed a unique platform for neighborhoods to easy share things with each other.

  • Easy
  • Safe
  • Fun

How does it work?

  • Search and find things to borrow or rent in your neighborhood
  • Rent out things you don’t need every day (Such as Snow blowers, trailers, instruments, garden equipment,, party tents, storage etc.)
  • Offer your services to your neighborhood (Such as grass cutting, gardening, babysitting, dog walking etc.)
  • Trustful sharing by rating system and ID verification.
  • Safe sharing by insurance and virtual court
  • Free to use for neighbors
  • Monitor your inventory on your grannsaker page.


  • User page (Keeps track of bookings and what you have lent, ad new things, get knowing you neighbours)
  • Search function (By map or by things)
  • Booking function
  • Rating system
  • Engagement awareness
  • Competitions

Whats in it for me?

  • Save Money
  • Make Money
  • Save Earth
  • Grate Neighborhood


  • Households
  • Companies
  • Institutions or different kind of associations

Business Model

  • Free to use as neighbor
  • Upgrade to premium and get access to professional tools (Super Neighbors)
  • Advertising (When searching without hit rentals will be shown)
  • Insurance companies (Neighbors can choose insured sharing)
  • Virtual Court (Neighbors can choose virtual court to solve eventually disputes)

How will we use the money?

  • Hire a Sharing Ambassador
  • Upgrade to Grannsaker 2.0 (New additional functions to be implemented)
  • Marketing & Events
Grannsaker on tour
Grannsaker on tour
Happy winner! Neighbor of the month
Happy winner! Neighbor of the month
Search page
Search page
Read the description - Check the rating - Book!
Read the description – Check the rating – Book!

Grannsaker in Media

  • Grannsaker mentioned in the podcast

  • Article about Grannsaker at the news site

  • Article about Grannsaker in big Swedish news papers Sydsvenskan, Helsingborgs Dagblad and

The Team - Welcome to join us
The Team – Welcome to join us
Niclas Bergkvist avatar small

Niclas Bergkvist

Founder – CEO

Entrepreneur and angel investor with a background of building successful companies and startUp:s. Started off as a trainee at Store Enso, after several managing positions in different companies resigned as Business Unit Manager within Getinge AB, ending up to spend all of his time on building own companies.

Melker Mossberg avatar small

Melker Mossberg

Graphic designer / creator

Parallel with his studies within economics he started the studio Brandware together with his partner Anton Nilsson and won Second best “Young entrepreneurship company” in Sweden.

Amton Nilsson avatar small

Amton Nilsson

Coder (Hired)

He is a genius

Sasha Radosavljevic avatar small

Sasha Radosavljevic


After finishing his studies within IT Engineering Sasha has worked as a consultant within the pharmaceutical industry. During the last year he has built up a small Media Company. He met Niclas Bergkvist at Pharmacia where he assisted Niclas with different IT Projects.

Viktor Lundberg avatar small

Viktor Lundberg

Sharing Ambassador

Viktor Lundborg is right now finishing his thesis within Sharing Economy at Lunds University. He has a degree within Environmental engineering and parallel with his thesis he will engage our society in sharing through

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